6 Locations Straight Out of a Science Fiction Movie


Ever watched a sci fi film and wished you could live in it?

Well, luckily for you,

we’ve done our research and found seven on-earth places that’ll allow you to live out those dreams.

And the best thing?

They’re alien free!


Or, at least, we hope they are.


Socrata IslandSocotra_dragon_tree

Socrata Island is a strange, alien place. Around a third of its plant life is unique and found nowhere else on earth. Given it’s just 80 miles by 30 miles, that’s impressive! With its deep reaching, stalagmite filled caves and its desert-like climate, it’s a place of extremes.

It’s most famous featyre is the dragon’s blood tree, which looks upside down and bleeds red sap! It’s incredibly isolated due to the frequent monsoons, so if you want to find the perfect place to be alone in an alien landscape, this is it.

Habitat 674810059370_5447a77b63_b

From alien worlds to Earth’s future – Habitat 67 is a housing complex located in Montreal. Built in the 60s, it embodies the futuristic images of the future from that time. It consists of 254 identical concrete forms placed in such a way as to create 146 living spaces of various sizes. Although it failed at its attempt to be cheap, people still live there and its architect is still working.


Also, this is one you can visit in your own home, since Lego may well be releasing a set based on it.


The Eden Project6404106995_aebc907734_b

The Eden Project is literally a biome. Or rather, two biomes. Located at the base of a quarry, they’re built of hexagonal and pentagonal plastic cells and contain a tropical environment and a more Mediterranean one. It’s also filled with sculptures like a giant robot made of old electrical appliances, just for some more of that sci fi feel. To add to this whole ‘could exist on another planet’ thing, it’s also due to become powered by geothermals – meaning it doesn’t need to rely on earth-based resources like oil and coal, but just the heat of the planet.


Naica MineMind-Blowing-Caves-2

The Naica Mine looks like a microscopic view of a crystal until you spot the person standing in the corner. Filled with giant crystals (as large of 50 feet long!), it couldn’t be more alien if it tried. Oh wait, it could. The two caves are called the Cave of the Crystals and – wait for it – the Cave of Swords. Really? That’s definitely something you’d be avoiding if this was a film.



Dubai looks like the future. It looks like Tron and Blade Runner got together and had a baby and then placed it in the Persian Gulf. They actually have man-made islands. That’s right, they took nature, told it it wasn’t good enough and made their own. It’s not all steel and glass though – they also have the world’s largest flower garden. In a desert. Now that’s sci fi.

Princess Elisabeth Antartica Polar Research Stationhome

Located against a ridge that is battered by winds going 190 miles an hour, this research station probably could survive in a sci fi film! Running entirely on solar and wind energy, it is home to sixteen people at a time. If only the Rebels had had one of these on Hoth, they might have survived the Empire’s invasion a bit longer.