4 Of The Greatest Hidden Waterfalls On Earth


Watching water fall from a high mountain is one of the most beautiful things to see

But when you can catch a glimpse of one hidden away from the rest of the world,

now that is something truly magnificent!

Here are 4 of the greatest hidden waterfalls on earth :

Plitvice Waterfalls:Plitvice-Waterfalls-Anonymous-besttravelphotos A beautiful place was found a very long time ago. The national park was established over 50 years ago. You won’t believe how amazing the park and the waterfalls actually look. The park offers an enormous amount of biodiversity.

Ranging from mountainsides to the cutest little wildlife. The climate here is a rather chilly one. If you are looking for warmer weather, it would be best to come during the late summer months. Animals range from bears to eagles. In the past, there has been a lot of visitors – which were: Illyrians, Thracians, Celts, Japods, Romans, Avars, Slavs, and Turks.

You can visit the park by means of bus, horse and car. The park is world famous and gives its visitors 16 lakes to gawk at. Because of its bionetwork, it shows you a world that any enthusiast would go bananas over. It truly is a site to behold.

Kaieteur Waterfalls:Kaieteur-Waterfalls-Anonymous-www.pinterest A part of the Essequibo Territory, Kaieteur Falls is actually four times higher than Niagara Falls and twice that of Zimbabwe’s famous Victoria Falls. This area is a major tourist attraction and for good reason too.

Kaieteur Falls was featured in The White Diamond by Werner Herzog and Animal Planet’s River Monsters, also Discovery Channel’s series: Gold Rush. The two first Europeans to have seen such a grand design from nature was Charles Barrington Brown and James Gay Sawkins. Both geologists at the time. Kaieteur National Park offers visitors wildlife tours, a guide to the park and the best friendliness around.

The falls have been named after ‘Kaieteur’ which translates to ‘old-man-fall’ by a timeworn story. You can get to the falls by using a nearby airport or by car. A travel attendant is always recommended if you are not accustomed to Guyana or the Potaro River itself. Still, a visit here would be really astounding.

Gullfoss Waterfalls:Gullfoss-Waterfalls-Anonymous-www.flickr Gullfoss is located in Iceland. As of now, it tops near the number one position for most popular tourist attraction in Iceland. A unique feature is the main crevice that’s obscured upon entering the location, thus giving the illusion that the river simply vanishes.

A popular tourist route consists of Gullfoss, Þingvellir, and Haukadalur. Gullfoss means ‘golden falls’. The place has snow at the highest ranges in the winter and spectacular foliage in spring. The falls was expressed in the book called ‘The Odd Saga of the American and a Curious Icelandic Flock’. This dreamscape-like oasis gives its visitors some wildlife to look at day or night.

This area of the country is not easy to navigate through, so it is always recommended that you have someone with you that knows the area or Iceland in general. Otherwise like most places alike, you will get very lost. If you want to visit a true heavenly place on Earth, Gullfoss will not give you false hope, only a rich paradise.

Victoria Waterfalls: Devil’s-Pool,-Victoria-Falls,-ZambiaShould you be looking for scenery that’s total bliss, you’re going to have a nice travel, look for a destination called Zimbabwe. You should be familiar with Zimbabwe or at the very least heard about it. The waterfalls lie in southern Africa and is twice the height of Niagara Falls.

The scenes here are incredible. Aside from the falls themselves, there are national parks. You will find all sorts of wildlife, ranging from lions to elephants. Like most places in Africa, the area surrounding does endure monthly droughts. This does have ramifications area-wide.

The rivers are home to several spices of fish. A Scottish missionary, was the first European to view Victoria Falls during the year 1855, his name was David Livingstone. The geological history from 100,000 years, show remarkable landscapes that flourish trees, streams and plant life.

Victoria Falls is a place where anyone should visit. It gives you an opportunity to see nature’s true beauty under tons and tons of flowing water.