30 People Who Have Conquered The Art Of Snow


Snow presents some challenges, like shoveling the sidewalk, cleaning off your car, or bundling up in several layers before stepping foot outdoors. Regardless, snow is so beautiful and it also offers inspiration for creative exploration.

If it snows where you will live you have a major advantage when it comes to creating art on winter break. Just look at these 30 creative people who have found incredible ways to conquer the art of snow!

1. Who’s Ready To Roast Giant Marshmallows… This Guy Is!

Fire and ice come together in this awesome and almost delicious creation.


Photo Credit: Demonstros

2. Giant Sea Turtle

Every year these three brothers from Minnesota use the mass of snow in their front yard to create incredible works of art, like this giant sea turtle.

snow-sculpture-art-snowman-winter-1__605Photo Credit: Austin Bartz

Learn about the creative trio and see more of their snowy creations over the years: 3 Brothers Make A Ginormous Snow Sculpture In Their Front Yard Every Year.

3. Snoopy Chilling On His House


Photo Credit: sumikko mofu

4. Crashed Snow Bunny

Watch out for that… tree!!!


Photo Credit: juiced

5. Colorful Shark Snow Sculpture

This is one way to scare solicitors off the front porch! I love how the creators of this shark brought the design out of the snow and onto the stairs.


Photo Credit: reddit

6. Giant Dragon Made Of Snow


Photo Credit: imgur

7. Mail Box Makes The Perfect Snowman

Who would have thought, but what an awesome idea! Plus, the snowman offers a pleasant greeting when you check your mail each day.


Photo Credit: reddit

8. Giant Godzilla Snow Sculpture Consumes Entire Car

How symbolic, sometimes it can start to feel like the snow is a giant monster that has come and abducted your car.


Photo Credit: Olsettres

9. AT-AT Snow Sculpture All Of The Kids Can Ride!


Photo Credit: bluebomber

10. Three Minion Snow Sculptures


Photo Credit: reddit

11. Totoro And Children Snow Sculpture


Photo Credit: abiliot

12. Woman Trapped In Melting Snow Sculpture

If only it snowed during Halloween, this would be the perfect addition to your front lawn!


Photo Credit: kataoka

13. Snow Sculpture Inspired By Ancient Greek Statue Venus de Milo


Photo Credit: aoryo

14. Which Dog Is Real, And Which Is Made Of Snow?


Photo Credit: Ferlinka Borzoi

15. Adventure Time Snow Sculpture


Photo Credit: imgur

16. Call 911, We Have An Injured Snowman In The Streets!

Ouch! That looks painful!


Photo Credit: TheN3rd

17. Peter Griffin Snow Sculpture

For my fellow Family Guy fans out there, this Peter Griffin sculpture is sure to make you smile…


Photo Credit: imgur

18. Tauntaun From Star Wars Snow Statue

His very own tauntaun to ride–lucky!!!


Photo Credit: reddit

19. Snow Dalek From Doctor Who


Photo Credit: imgur

20. Shine Bright Like A Diamond


Photo Credit: David Allen

21. Darth Vader Snow Sculpture


Photo Credit: globalgeeknews.com

22. The Best Behaved Cat On The Block Is Made Of Snow


Photo Credit: imgur

23. Totoro Snow Sculpture


Photo Credit: Litra

24. Skull With Top Hat


Photo Credit: reddit

25. Snow Woman Hangs Out With Willow

The snow woman is known to be a bit cold, but she warms right up to dogs!


Photo Credit: Peter Chaplin

26. Colorful Slide For Kids Made Of Snow

The perfect way to put some cheer into your child’s day… build them a new slide made of colorful snow!


Photo Credit: Caitlin Raiche

27. Sloth Clinging To The National Monument


Photo Credit: reddit

28. Lorax Snow Sculpture

The Lorax is here to guard and protect the trees, even in the dead freeze of winter.


Photo Credit: idannycdiaz

29. Yoshi Snow Sculpture

Everyone’s favorite video game character comes to life in this freezing cold creation!


Photo Credit: reddit

30. Twin Dogs


Photo Credit: Liz Schroeder

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