30 Gorgeous Outdoor Pianos You Can Play All Around The World


Given the chance, would you play this gorgeous piano left out in the center of a public space?

Luke Jarram is a British artist responsible for adding a number of pianos to public spaces, all in hopes of bringing people together. Luke began his mission to add pianos in public spaces after noticing how distant people are, a room full of strangers and no one says a word to one another. Luke wanted to change that and bring mankind closer together.

Luke started his project, “Play me, I’m yours” in Birmingham, UK, back in 2008. The project began with the addition of 15 pianos dispersed throughout the city for a period of three weeks. Immediately his project proved a hit success, with over 140,000 people playing the pianos or enjoying listening to others play.

The pianos soon went viral, hitting international stardom. As a result, others have taken on the same mission. All around the world, artists and local communities have come together to create gorgeous outdoor street pianos, livening up train stations, shelters, bridges, ferries, and more unexpected locations. Check out 30 of the most gorgeous outdoor pianos for you to play around the world!

1. Cobourg, Canada, 2014


Photo Credit: Michael McNamara

2. Toronto, Canada, 2012

You can tell this piano comes directly from Luke’s project because of the simple, bold-faced instructions: “Play me, I’m yours.”


Photo Credits: Bruce K

Luke Jerram says of his project, “The idea for Play Me, I’m Yours came from visiting my local launderette. I saw the same people there each weekend and yet no one talked to one another. I suddenly realised that within a city, there must be hundreds of these invisible communities, regularly spending time with one another in silence. Placing a piano into the space was my solution to this problem, acting as a catalyst for conversation and changing the dynamics of a space.”

3. Kiev, Ukraine, 2014

A Ukrainian protester plays at a public outdoor piano located on a barricade front of the riot police line in Kiev, Ukraine.


Photo Credit: Sergey Dolzhenko

4. Denver, Colorado, USA, 2011


Photo Credit: L.C.G. Photography

5. Cobourg, Canada, 2013


Photo Credit: Viktorija G.

6. Toronto, Canada, 2014

Another gorgeous piano with Luke Jarram’s signature saying.


Photo Credit: hoteskimos.wordpress.com

The initial success caused Luke to expand on his project, and he has since installed over 1,000 pianos to different public spaces in over 37 cities around the world. Each beautifully decorated piano begs anyone that passes by to, “Play me, I’m yours.” And people do play! In fact, it is estimated over 6 million people have been touched by the installment of these unique pianos.

7. Boston, USA, 2013


Photo Credit: Ben Knight 

8. Sofia, Bulgaria, 2012 (Transformatori and Lumagi)


Photo Credit: Veronica Boneva

9. New York, USA, 2010


Photo Credit: Street Pianos

1o. Toronto, Canada, 2012


Photo Credit: peachplumorange.wordpress.com

11. Melbourne, Australia, 2014


Photo Credit: Play Me, I’m Yours

12. Denver, USA, 2011


Photo Credit: Patrick

13. Toronto, Canada, 2012


Photo Credit: joshdlee.blogspot.com

14. Colorado, USA, 2012


Photo Credit: Laurie Beth Zuckerman

15. Boston, USA, 2013


Photo Credit: Street Pianos Boston

16. Lima Chucuito, Peru, 2014


Photo Credit: Aaron Del Carpio

17. Denver, USA, 2011


Photo Credit: L.C.G. Photography

18. Toronto, Canada, 2012


Photo Credit: Street Pianos

19. Denver, USA, 2011


Photo Credit: sjr8545

20. Ghent, Belgium


Photo Credits: Karolien Soete

21. Los Angeles, USA, 2012


Photo Credit: Elson Trinidad

22. Seattle, Washington, 2012

A little under the sea theme with tentacles and all!


Photo Credit: Aries Galindo

23. Paris, France, 2012


Photo Credit: K. Deviercy

24. Fort Collins, USA, 2012


Photo Credit: myownphotoproject.wordpress.com

25. Denver, USA, 2011


Photo Credit: L.C.G. Photography

26. Cambridge, UK, 2012

The Halloween version of an outdoor piano!


Photo Credit: Claude Schneider Photography

27. Ghent, Belgium


Photo Credit: Bored Panda

28. Melbourne, Australia, 2014


Photo Credit: melbourneplaces.com

29. Boston, USA, 2013


Photo Credit: artfan70

30. Paris, France, 2013


Photo Credit: Kares Le Roy

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