28 Surreal Interior Design Ideas That Will Take Your House To Another Level


Humans are social creatures that require a great deal of private space, and when it’s privacy you crave home is where the heart is. No matter what your home looks like it is your sanctuary. Simply stepping through the front door and clicking the door locked behind you brings a feeling of peace and tranquility.

People dump a considerable amount of money into their home, either on monthly mortgage payments or rent. Since you spend so much time in your house and put so much money into it, you might as well make it perfect with surreal interior designs that speak to you.

The amazing interior design ideas on this list offer something for everyone, from grand sweeping installations that cost an arm and a leg, to stunning yet simple designs you can duplicate while still staying on a budget.

1. Glass Floor Over Water

The best way to bring the ocean waters inside…


Photo Credit: imgur.com

2. Lowered Reading Room With Unique Glass Walls

I would love to get lost in a book hanging out in this prime reading room!


Photo Credit: imgur.com

3. Secret Tree House Play Room

What kid wouldn’t love to have this cool design in their room?


Photo Credit: Jorge Simos

4. Old Tower Clock Window

This home is one of the most expensive pieces of real estate in New York City thanks to the view, and the fact it has over 6,000 square feet of living space.


Photo Credit: David Walentas

5. Stairs Packing Plenty Of Storage

The perfect solution for tight living quarters…


Photo Credit: unknown

6. Stained-Glass Door Adds A Colorful Disco Touch


Photo Credit: studio.arminblasbichler.com

7. Ceiling Library

The best home renovation projects offer more than just aesthetics, but space saving convenience as well. When you have too many books to fit in your house, turn your ceiling into an impressive circular library.


Photo Credit: Travis Price Architects

8. Glass River Table By Greg Klassen


Photo Credit: Greg Klassen

See more incredible Glass Rivers And Lakes Flow Across Beautiful Tables By Furniture Maker Greg Klassen.

9. Glow-In-The-Dark Wall Murals



Photo Credit: Bogi Fabian

See and learn more about Bogi Fabian’s glow-in-the-dark wall murals.

10. Stunning Rock Wall Art


Photo Credit: Ancient Art Of Stone

11. Chandelier Transforms Any Room Into An Enchanted Forest


Photo Credit: Hilden & Diaz

12. Wooden Reading Hammock


Photo Credit: Bernardo Rodrigues

13. Indoor Tree House


Photo Credit: Baldr

14. Fiber Optic Starry Night Sky Bathroom Floor

You can add stars to any floor in your house as well. Learn more: See How This Guy Transformed His Bathroom Floor Into A Starry Night Sky.


Photo Credit: Baldr

15. Moss Wall

Photo Credit: yacineaziz.com

16. Real Tree Growing Inside Living Room

My only question is how do they keep the roots from interfering with the foundation of the house.


Photo Credit: Theo Home Designing

17. Mind Blowing Cosmic Wall Mural


Photo Credit: thegadgetflow.com

18. These Blinds Instantly Improve Your View

Tired of looking at the neighborhood dumpster, or directly into your neighbor’s windows? Simply tug down the blinds and pretend your view is something else entirely.


Photo Credit: Elina Aalto

19. Interlocking Wooden Floor Inspired By M.C. Escher


Photo Credit: evolulignum.blogspot.no

20. Pirate Ship Bed


Photo Credit: twincitiesremodeler.com

21. Fireplace Straight From The Deep, Dark Depths Of The Sea


Photo Credit: fuckyeahnerdpr0n.tumblr.com

22. Glass House Built Around A Living Tree



Photo Credit: A. Masow Design Studio

23. Illusion Wall… Is It Rippled Or Smooth?


Photo Credit: imgur.com

24. Bicycle Sink

Here’s one way to recycle your old bike!


Photo Credit: Benjamin Bullins

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25. Sleep Beneath The Apple Trees In This Lovely Four-Poster Canopy Bed


Photo Credit: Etsy

26. Turn Your Home Into A Skateboard Ramp

The prime bachelor pad for skaters:


Photo Credit: Pierre Andre Senizergues 

27. Family Tree Wall Decal


Photo Credit: etsy.com

28. Hammock Hanging Over The Stairs



Photo Credit: ooda.eu