27 Magical Paths Begging To Be Walked


Mysteriously beautiful paths can be made of cobblestone, brick, dirt, flowers, or just about anything. What makes a path uniquely special has nothing to do with its makeup or location, instead it’s a mixture of ingredients that create the most magical pathways you can walk.

When you find the path of your dreams, it might lead to something magnificent, or something rather frightening as well. A pretty pathway can inspire thought provoking ideas, or simply let your mind rest and relax, away from the nonstop beeping computers and cell phones.

What is your favorite path to walk along? Perhaps you have your own splendid pathway located in your backyard. For others, finding a dreamy path might take more effort, say for instance a 10 mile hike up steep terrain.

Here are 28 photographs of the most magical paths from all around the world, no strenuous exercise necessary.


Jacaranda Trees 

This alley of Jacaranda trees is romantic, mystical, and a bit eery, all at the same time.


Dog Mountain– Washington USA

The yellow flowers in this photo show off the beautiful spring season. To see for yourself you can take a hike up the glorious Dog Mountain trails in Washington.


Spencer Smith Park– Burlington, Ontario, Canada 

Walking down this path in the spring time proves rather fruitful! Better bring your umbrella if you plan to sit on the bench for long.


Padley Gorge, Peak District, UK 

This National Park has endless splendors to explore, like this creepy pathway straight out of a fairytale.


Forest Path in Czech Republic 

It is wild how big we humans feel, but when we take a step back and re-examine our size in comparison to the world at large, it becomes clear that we are really a rather small part of a much greater something. See more magical images of tiny humans lost in nature. 


The White Carpathians– Slovokia 

Orange and gold leaves litter this path in light of the Autumn season. What awaits at the end of this tree-linned road in Slovakia? Oh, how the imagination can wander!


Mount Rainier– Washington, USA

Yet another gorgeous scenery in Washington. Maybe if I moved there I would walk more!


Sussex, UK

This path has become popular because it leads to the Halnaker Windmill, but is simply stunning on its own.


Mount Rogers–Virgina, USA

Virginia’s Mount Rogers is over 5,000 feet high in the clouds, but somewhere along the many trails and paths, lucky hikers can stumble across this rhododendron littered path.


Tunnel Of Love–Ukraine 

You can still see the old railroad tracks that line this romantic Ukrainian path.


Cotton Tree Alley– Taiwan 

How pawsome–these two dogs enjoy a stroll down their own lovers’ lane!


Kyoto, Japan


Dark Hedges– Ireland 

One can lose all sense of space and time walking beneath these dark hedges.


Taiping Mountain Path–Taiwan 


Woodburn–Oregon, USA

Thanks to all of the rainfall Oregon is known for, the flowers in this region are plenty hydrated–just look at these perfect spring blossoms!


Wisteria Flower Tunnel–Japan


Forest Path in Russia 

Is it just me, or do animals make paths even more magical?


Hitachi Seaside Park Path, Japan 


Forest in Bavaria, Germany 


Path–somewhere in Holland 


Campigna National Park–Italy 

Nothing like a winter sunrise to accompany the most perfect path for strolling–not one footstep disrupts the freshly fallen snow ahead.


Bamboo Path– Kyoto, Japan 


Migliarino San Rossore Park–Pisa, Italy 


Blooming Spring Trees 


Photo Credits: Kilian Schonberger, Robert Ziegenfuss, Janek Sedlar, DavidMosner, Jan Machata, James Mills, Shawn Marshall, Danielle Hughson, George Veltchev, Sue Hsu,  Stephen Emerson, Justin Jones, nipomen2,Kilian SchonbergerElana Shumilova, Robert Meloti, Andrea Iorio, Yuya Horikawa, Lars Van Der Goor,  Sam Moore, Takahiro Bessho, Oleg Gordienko, mindphoto.blog.fc2.com, Emanuel Costinas