28 Epic Backyard Hacks Will Make You The Envy Of The Neighborhood


Are you the type of person that constantly likes to change the decor in your home and backyard? Is your significant other a little tired of the credit card charges for new furniture when according to them, the old pieces were just fine…

If so, you are likely the creative type, highly influenced by your surroundings. After a while you get tired of looking at the same old furniture and you want something new, no matter if you really need it or not. If this sounds like you, you sure know how to keep your house guests guessing, and your own family too.

Thanks to the DIY craze, you can add a new piece of furniture to your backyard for a fraction of the cost, often just using materials you have around the house. These 28 epic backyard hacks prove that you don’t need to shop at fancy patio furniture stores to score the best outdoor accessories in town.


Have an old tree laying around? Have a chunk of the trunk cut out and create your very own ‘au-naturel’ side table.


Bright colors and vibrant additions make this cooler on wheels a part of the actual decor for aesthetics and conviencence.


A home-made wire table makes outdoor design affordable and simple.


Take an old table and grow succulent plants from the center for a look that is all your own.


More into beer than succulent plants? Stuff your table with ice and have a beer party!


Plastic chairs are cheap to buy, and you likely already have some lying around your yard or garage. Add some spray paint and your boring old plastic chairs just got a fun facelift!


Two terra cotta planters become one table for this easy to imitate outdoor design.


This wooden bench proves all you need are some great accessories and you can make any piece of home-made furniture look regal.


Every backyard needs a hammock for those lazy summer days…


An old tree becomes the most whimsical table you can add to your outdoor venue.


An easy to build wood table is enhanced with this square piece of glass–now if only we could find a DIY method to recreate this view!


A round slab of concrete never looked so good….


Tires have to be replaced ALL of the time, what do you plan to do with your old pair of wheels? You might be thinking junk yard, but why pollute the planet when old tires can live a whole new life?


Old milk crates can cost pennies at the swap meet–who knew with a little creativity they could turn into awesome chairs?


Another way to make use of old creates, turn them into a full-size bench.


Hand painted cushions make this chair very modern and artsy.


Find any old table at a discount store or garage sale and then paint it using stencils and bright colors for something that looks far more expensive.


Take an old, plain table and turn it into something else using a little creativity, and a few store-bought stencils.


Who knew how cool old concrete pillars could look fashioned into a bench?!?


Made from all organic birch and a few handy power tools, this chair won’t just be the talk of your neighborhood, it will be the talk of the whole  town.


The perfect DIY bar cart for any backyard party.


A few slabs of wood and a cute cushion add an affordable day bed to this patio.


Another way to make use of wood is to pile up logs and secure them inside of fencing. Add a concrete, stone, or plush cushion on top and you’ve got an incredible new piece of outdoor furniture. You can thank designer Rebecca Cole for this idea–she made all of the furniture pictured here in only one day!


This rug might look freshly purchased from the store, but it’s not. Using masking tape and spray paint you can recreate any rug–let your creativity go wild!



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