27 Dogs and Cats That Destroyed Christmas


The sights and sounds of the holidays are undeniably tempting for cats and dogs. Sometimes pets just can’t control themselves, not with the big tree full of shiny ornaments and the fancy dinner table set with a plump turkey on top.

The funny thing is, just like kids, pets know when they have done something wrong and tend to act awfully strange and guilty. When your precious four-legged friend does something naughty it’s not always easy to get mad. They are just so cute, and it’s somehow funny when pets act up–especially if you don’t have to clean it up.

We can’t stop laughing about these 27 cats and dogs who let go of their inhibitions, forgot all the rules, and destroyed Christmas.

1. Dog Knocks Tree Over

“I don’t know what happened, the tree just fell over!”


2. Attack Of The Tree

5 Minutes after putting the tree up… “Help, the tree attacked me!”


3. Dog All Aglow 

Mommy’s little helpers having a little too much fun…


4. The Wrapping Paper Thief

This cat ripped open every present on Christmas morning…. and clearly ate some of them.


5. Climbing Comes Easy To Limber Cats

Helping with the final decorations, or destroying the tree topper for good?


6. Must Eat Candy Cane!

The candy cane hunter is at it again…


7. Kitten’s Dessert 

Next to catnip, there is nothing better than a fresh tree.


8. Two Ways Of Dealing With A Problem

One cat decides if he doesn’t look at his mess, it didn’t happen.


9. The Dog That Ate Christmas

“Everything tasted so good, I just couldn’t stop!”


10. There’s Only Room For One Angel In This House


11. This Dog Really Will Eat Your Homework

This dog wants you to think he’s saying, “Mom, I’m scared, who do you think could have done this?!” Unfortunately, dog’s don’t make very good liars.


12. Cat And Dog Ruin Christmas Together

The ornaments are not even up yet and already the family dog has jumped into the tree after the cat. But this dog has the perfect explanation for getting caught up in the tree, it’s all the cat’s fault.


13. Where’s Whiskers?

Do you spy the hidden cat pretending to be an ornament?


14. All In A Day’s Hard Work

This cat seems to be enjoying the view of the mess he made…


15. Sleeping Branch

This cat found her new favorite place to sleep, tucked inside the Christmas tree.


16. Proof: Two Cats Are More Evil Than One


17. Death to the Nativity Scene

This feline is about to get frisky with all of these small pieces he can knock around with his paws.


18. Caught Red-Tinseld 

The tinsel paper tells a different story about what this dog has been up to.


19. Balancing Act

The perfect living angel Christmas tree topper, until the tree comes falling down.


20. Christmas At Cat Cafe

When you have this many cats around, Christmas is bound to be destroyed.


21. Foreshadowing What’s To Come

The tree isn’t even put together all the way and the cat has already started to make trouble.


22. Guilty Christmas Hat Killer 

Those big puppy dog eyes say it all, and so does the shredded Christmas hat crammed between his paws.


23. That Was Fun, What’s Next? 


24. A Skunky Christmas Surprise 


25. The Scoreboard Is Set: Beagle 1, Christmas Fox 0


26. Watch Out Gingerbread Town 

Clever cat plots the demise of this sweet little gingerbread city.


27. Eat, Destroy, Rest, Repeat 

The hard work here is done, time for this cat to take a snooze.


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