25 Lonely Little Winter Houses Lost In Majestic Scenery


Shoveling snow from your driveway, and bundling up in 4 layers of clothes before ever leaving the house isn’t always convenient, but the beauty of winter is so worth it! When snow covers the ground, icicles hang from trees and frost nips in the breeze, entire scenery transforms into a majestic fairytale land.

A lonely, isolated house surrounded by nothing but natural beauty is intriguing to look at 365 days of the year. Yet, when you add a blanket of fresh powder snow to a remote cottage tucked in some tranquil corner of the world it becomes that much more beautiful to admire.

Enjoy these 25 lonely little houses lost in majestic winter scenery, located from Lapland to the Swiss Alps, and from Poland to Norway.

1. White Winter Fairytale 


2. Winter Sunrise In Norway 


3. Polar Night In Finland

Finland’s residents are very lucky, they get gorgeous light shows via northern lights and they get beautiful mounds of precious white snow!


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4. A Little House Tucked Away In Snowy Forest


5. The Alps


6. House Covered In Snow In Lapland, Finland


The Finnish winter extends half of the year, with snow falling from the beginning of November until at least the month of May. Thanks to the dry climate in the area, it doesn’t feel as cold in Finland as it does in wetter climates such as central Europe.

7. Red House In Snowy Norway


8. The House Hidden In The White Forest


9. Mystical House Atop A Hill In Tirol, Austria 


10. Stokholm, Sweden


11. Warm House Aglow In Bergsdalen Mountains, Norway

Compared to the striking white chill outside, the warm insides of this cabin could pass for being on fire.


12. The Yellow House In A White Forest 

It’s not everyday you see a house painted the color of summer in the bright white of winter.


13. Tromso, Norway


In Tromso, Norway you can go fishing all year long, in fact Cod fishing is best during the winter months. You can see what appears to be a small fishing boat attached to a post in the picture above, perhaps a sign of a fisherman living in this lovely little home surrounded by snow.

14. Dents Du Midi In The Swiss Alps


In French Dents du Midi translates to “The Teeth of the South,” a multi-summited mountain located in the Chablais Alps in the Swiss canton of Valais. The massive configuration has seven distinct peaks and reaches 10,686 feet tall.

15. Öxnadalur, Iceland 

When traveling through Reykjavik to northern Iceland, you pass through Öxnadalur, the last valley on the journey down to Akureyri. This house appears to be the only house in the world, although other farms do exist in the area, especially as you move further down the mountain.


16. Frozen Cabin In The Woods


17. Abandoned Cabin In Iceland


18. Norway


19. Karkonosze Mountains, Poland


20. My Painted Lady


21. Lonely Hunting Lodge In The Hills Of Dolomites, Italy


22. West Iceland

A beautiful display of northern lights, a cozy snow covered cabin, and an adorable dog waiting out front… what more could anyone ask for?!


23. Ghost House On The Water In Bergen, Norway 


24. Bieszczady, Poland

Talk about snowed in!


25. Snow Covered Hut At The Top Of Cigota 


Pretending they are all equally warm, which one of these majestic winter homes would you love to live in for the coldest months of the year?

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