These 25 Animals Will Teach You How To Do Yoga


If you are guilty of swearing off the yoga trend, animals everywhere want you to know–there’s nothing to run from, in fact it’s really very fun.

Yoga feels great, it tones, strengthens and lengthens your muscles, and there are few better ways to get all of the cracks out of your back without the help of a friend. Plus, yoga helps you get in touch with the quieter side of your mind. It’s no secret that many yoga poses are imitated after animals, after all they know just how to stretch, shake, and wag, all while staying in relatively the same spot.

Cobra, cat and cow, birds of paradise, there are numerous yoga poses named after animals, and not just for the heck of it. Cat and cow, for instance, is literally imitating the movement of a cat followed by the movement of a cow.

Turns out animals everywhere are noticing yoga is modeled after their natural movements. These adorable creatures are now showing off how these posses are really done. Some dogs, cats, and even bears are so good at yoga they put the yogi-masters to shame! After all, who can do a downward facing ‘dog’ better than a canine?!?

Every time I bust out my yoga mat to use at home, my cats are all about it and it looks like my furry friends are not the only ones trying to get in on the yoga action.  Check out these hilarious photos of 25 animals caught doing yoga–and doing it really well!


Upside down forward fold is no problem for this flexible kitty.


Any loyal yogi knows this moment, when you’ve just almost got your legs up in that headstand! This cuddly kitty appears to be giving it all she’s got.


Upward facing dog turns into upward facing seal!


Bulldogs are not known to have the longest or leanest bodies but this yogi expert proves no matter your body type you can be a super-dog on your yoga mat.


This little guy has got the splits down, no problem!


“ommm…” That is one zen dog!


A modified version of child’s pose gives this grizzly bear the great stretch she craves. Bears are just so cute when they do people-like things, check out more hilariously adorable photos of bears acting like humans.


“Oh yeah.. that’s the spot.”


This little wild cutey is either meditating with his eyes open or about to bust out the Macarena.


Such a yoga diva! Gotta get her morning stretch in, only in natural sunlight of course.


This big black dog asks the cameraman, “No fair!  How come I don’t get a mat?”


Panda bears are getting in on the yoga action as well.


“I think I use this mat more than my mom….”


“I just LOVE the way my tail smells in the mornings!”


These 2 yogis conserve resources and share one mat. Paws up to them!


Apparently elephants can do some pretty cool tricks? Just hope this elephant doesn’t flip over forward, how I sometimes do when trying to attempt a headstand. Poor guy in front will be squashed without a doubt!


The most natural yoga mat you can find–one question though, which way to the gun show?


“If only my legs were just a little bit longer…”



She holds this pose twice a day for 5 minutes, how else do you think her hairy legs got so toned?


“The blood rush to the head feels amazing!”


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