25 Animal Twins That Are Tough To Tell Apart


Did you ever wish you were a twin? A twin seems cool, someone to share everything with including your appearance, and perhaps even your thoughts. Then again, being a twin brings about a whole new set of competition, largely for parental attention!

Humans do not commonly give birth to twins, but for some animals it is rather likely that twins will arrive on labor day. It’s somewhat rare for animals to be identical twins, or twins that originate from the same zygote that splits into 2 different, but identical, embryos. Fraternal twins include any two babies born at the same time. Fraternal twins are rather popular throughout the animal kingdom thanks to the fact animals often give birth to more than one baby at a time.

These 25 photos show off some of the cutest animal twins I have ever seen! Can you tell them apart?


Without DNA testing or first-hand witness of a birth, there isn’t any way to know for sure if two siblings are actually twins, but these animal pairs sure look identical!

What’s the “hoot” all about?


The first time these two cute kitties saw themselves in the mirror– “AH!!! We look exactly the same!”


Hedgehog homies that may also be identical twins.


Bears usually deliver their cubs in sets of twins, but in some cases they can bring in triplets or a singular cub as well. Momma bear raises her babies all on her own, and if she doesn’t have access to enough resources she is forced to kill off one of her babies in order to ensure the other can grow up to be strong. Lucky for these two look-alikes, mom had enough available resources to raise 2 healthy twin cubs.


See big bears teaching their teddies how to bear.

This pair of twin dogs look a lot alike, but they are not identical. Do you see the white patch of fur on the left dog’s chest area?


These 2 butterflies have identical markings, but if you are a science-buff you might be cringing to see a butterfly listed as a twin. In fact, butterflies can not have twins due to the fact they undergo protostomes development as caterpillars. In other words, each caterpillar embryo is split into its own cell and cannot develop normally as a twin.


While butterflies are never twins, dogs can be born as twins.  Since dogs typically give birth to more than one dog at a time, dogs are born as twins, triplets, and beyond everyday. Just because a pack of pups are born at the same time doesn’t mean they will be identical, but these two are pretty dog-gone close!


Polar bears reproduce at a slower rate than most other mammals, and only become pregnant around 5 times throughout their lifespan. Polar Bear twins are a common occurrence, many zoos around the world are lucky to have a pair of adorable cuties to call their own!


Cats are another species born in large litters, by having a cat’s DNA tested you can know for sure just how closely linked their genetics really are. Kitty litters can be full of diversity in regards to color and personality, but some kittens are born looking very similar to one or more of their sibblings. Identical twins are possible in the world of cats, so long as 2 of the felines come from the same egg.


Couple O'Mice





Birds of a feather flock together!



It is incredibly rare for a horse to have twins, most of the time mares give birth to one foal at a time.








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