24 Animals Sleeping And Cuddling With Stuffed Animals


Do you remember your stuffed animals from when you were a kid? Those lifeless fur balls meant the world to you! But back then they were not so lifeless, instead they were comforting, warm, something to look after.

Not all teddy bears are loved by kids, adults are known to have stuffed animals too. If you have had the same stuffed animal for many years, not only is it a source of comfort, but it is also plump-full of great memories. As you grow and change, your stuffed animals still look, and maybe even smell, the same. In a world where the only constant is change, stuffed animals provide a refreshing dose of stability.

Fact is, we are culture obsessed with cotton-stuffed animal-like creatures. Stuffed animals are cherished for years, and collected in large amounts. They can be won as a sign of adoration at a local fair, or given as ‘congratulation’ to a woman expecting a new baby. Stuffed animals are a personal comfort with a wide variety of social meanings. Not to mention, stuffed animals come in all different shapes, sizes, and breeds!

Turns out humans are not alone in our obsession with stuffed animals. Real fur-babies love to cuddle with a plush doll here and there as well! It appears some animals have the same soft and squishy feelings towards stuffed animals as we do. Check out these 24 adorable animals sleeping cuddled up close to their favorite best friend, a stuffed animal.


Obsessed with hedgehogs like we are? If not, you just might be after seeing more photos of this traveling hedgehog! 


This cuddly pup is currently dreaming of penguins and swimming for fish…


“I just can’t get close enough!”


No monkey business about it, these two are lifelong pals!


This baby kitty has found the perfect friend for snuggling. The best part is that she doesn’t even have to fight him off when mother comes by offering milk.


Need to catch the raccoon knocking over your trash bins at night? Simply put out a stuffed animal!


A puppy and her purple friend.


If you look closely you can see mom on the other side of Mr. Bear– she’s laughing, “I tricked them, what a perfect kitty sitter! Time for ME-ow!”


Since cats are not the best at sharing, these kitties each get their very own plush ornament toy to love on.


Jessica Florence uploads many photos of her pet rats in cute and cuddly postures, making you think rats might be kind of kissable after all!


Most of the animals featured on this page are babies, but not this full-grown beauty. This big dog never outgrew her love for stuffed animals, due to the resemblance, she might even think this is her very own pup!


This adorable puppy might be living in a renovated liter box, but he’s got his overalls-wearing bear by his side, no matter what.


“She’s mine–don’t nobody even think about taking her!”


Who needs overpriced memory foam when a stuffed bear makes for the perfect pillow!?


In the wild there are not many stuffed animals up for grabs, but in captivity this little bear is happy to have one of his beary own!


“Don’t bother us, we are napping.”


This Basset Hound really knows how to party! Just ask his stuffed animal friend who happens to look highly entertained 😉



This kitty doesn’t want to eat mice, she wants to cuddle them!


Even the teddy bear says, “OH MY GOSH this foal is SO CUTE!”



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