22 Beautiful Stairs That Will Make Climbing To The Second Floor Less Annoying


How often do you spend your days thinking about stairs? Probably not all that often, but stairs play a pivotal role in everyday life. Since we don’t have wings, or super-sonic jumping powers, humans need stairs to get from point A to point B.

Traditionally, stairs are simple things, designed to serve one purpose: get you to higher ground. Many people step the stairs in their house up by adding wood floors, plush carpeting, or fancy banisters. These 22 staircases take things a couple ‘steps’ further, incorporating some incredible design features you have to see to believe!

Timber Strip Staircase 

Is that a funky colored slide, or a set of extremely modern stairs?



Northampton Staircase

These stairs look more like the bones of a robot than a means of upstairs travel.



Book Lovers Paradise 

Running out of places to store your ever-growing collection of books? You don’t have to give in and purchase an e-reader and start storing your books on the ‘cloud.’ Instead, you can just install these rather convenient staircase with room for all of your favorite novels and more!



Metal Staircase 

These metal stairs prove you don’t have to be rich to have a funky, fun staircase design added to your own home. Just hope you aren’t afraid of heights, or have big feet!


Space Under The Stairs

Harry Potter’s hideaway has been turned into a bundle of under the stairs storage. The decorative details in this staircase look like fancy embellishments, but really they open up to a world of wondrous places you can store all of your junk!


The Tree Staircase 

Many staircases are made of wood, but most don’t capture the spirit of the tree like this staircase.


Barley There Stairs


A Branch Banister 

You can cling onto the black limbs of this spindly tree as you trot up these steps!


Brilliantly Bright Stairs 

What a brilliant way to bring the bright sunshine indoors! The only issue with painting parts of your home yellow, the color yellow is proven to make people hungry (that’s why McDonald’s uses it so fluidly throughout their restaurants and campaigns). In other words, if you’re trying to stick to a diet, a yellow staircase might not be the best idea.


A “Hole” Lot of Light Staircase 



Zig-Zag Ladder Stairs 



Multi-Purpose Stairs 

You can walk down the steps on one side of the bannister, and let your belongings drop and roll alongside you on the other end of the banister.


“Rusty” Stairs 

These stairs were crafted to look so natural they appear to be breaking the house apart at the seams. Instead, this incredible work of art is sturdy enough to serve as a pretty awesome set of stairs.


Wavey Stairs



Slide And Stairs All In One 

This staircase with an adjacent slide makes the kids that live here feel like they have the coolest house in town!


Flower Power Staircase 

For the flower lover in all of us, these stairs are simply stunning!


Stairs Made For Climbing… Literally 

Watch your step, it’s a steep climb up!


Store-Everything Stairs

Knick-knacks, books, coffee mugs and shoes all find a place on this set of stairs. Those that walk down or up must watch their step though!


Trippy Stairs 


Read, Slide, & Step Staircase  



Comfortably Modern Stairs

These stairs just beckon you to hang out on them.



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