22 Animals Playing In Snow For The First Time


Snow can be a pain, shoveling it off the driveway, or layering on clothes to simply walk outside. Despite all of the adult struggles associated with snow, it’s a magical occurrence that is quite exciting to witness, especially for the very first time.

I still remember the moment I saw snow for the first time. Growing up in Southern California sheltered me from snow, and so when I first witnessed a blanket of soft, white, and oh so cold snow I was SO excited.

Animals tend to get even more excited about the little things in life than humans, so you can only imagine how amped your pet feels the first time he or she encounters snow. These 22 adorable animals are just jazzed about the change in weather. Check out the pawty these cuties are throwing to celebrate their first time playing in snow.

1. Puppy plows through the snow with unbridled excitement. 

Full speed ahead!  (Removed at the discretion of the photographer)


2. Kiora’s first play date in the snow!


3. Persian cat has hilarious reaction to her first encounter with snow… 

Okay, so maybe this isn’t so bad…


On second thought, maybe if I hiss the snow will melt…




4. Sweet little pup enjoying her first taste of a snow day.


5. Jumping Jonesy enjoying the first snow, safely on the patio.



Cats are so crazy cute!


6. Tilly’s very first snow day is met with adoration and much curiosity. 

But…but… where is it all coming from?!


7. Baby polar bear enjoys playing in the snow for the very first time ever! 


Polar bears are born and bred to live in very cold climates, meaning this fresh powder brings nothing but sheer excitement to this baby cutie.


8. Baby panda bear getting carried away with the fresh snow.


9. Blue-eyed beautiful baby enjoys his very first snow.


10. Kitty’s first meow through the snow!

“I think I might have some snow in my ear!” 


11. This is what happens when an English bulldog discovers snow for the first time…

“Mom, my nose is cold now.”


12. Puppy plays in snow for the first time and is left covered in the fun 

“Don’t tell mom, I just went to the groomer’s yesterday.”


13. Siberian Husky enjoys first snow 

This Siberian Husky is 8-years old but this is his first time seeing snow. The excitement glitters straight through this dog’s beautiful eyes!


Makes me crave introducing my California dogs to the pure pleasure of snow, I can only imagine how crazy they would go.

14. Cocker Spaniel gets a little carried away with the first snow day

Looks like this dog has some snow ornaments he needs help removing before he catches a cold!

Fun in the snow

15. Flossie enjoys her first dig in fresh snow. 

Perhaps Flossie is diving beneath the snow in search of the ball that was left here yesterday…


16. Who you calling a scaredy cat? Tank isn’t afraid of his first blizard!


17. Butters soaking up the first snow day of the year.

This Shiba Inu named Butters takes in the first day of snow with the grace of a cover model!


18. Blind puppy named Guido runs through the snow for the first time.


19. Siberian Husky can’t get enough of his first snow day.


20. Nacho the cat goes for his first walk through the snow.

“Here, just let me off the leash, I won’t go far…”


21. Kali cat leaps around, enjoying the thrill of what might be lurking beneath the fresh layer of snow. 


22. King’s first time enjoying the beauty of a white winter.


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