21 Of The Coolest Most Creative Rings Ever


Truly unique jewelry isn’t always easy to come by, but thanks to the Internet we now have more access than ever to really awesome rings, necklaces, pendants and beyond. Designers from all over the world are able to upload and sell their creations, opening up a whole new level of creative genius when it comes to sterling silver, platinum and gold.

If you are looking for a new way to spruce up your own jewelry collection, or gift something unique to a friend, here are some of the coolest and most creative rings ever to inspire your search!

Mouse Ring 

You can buy this ring on Etsy. The seller, authfashion, makes a number of creative rings featuring giraffes, elephants, and puppies too!


Projector Ring 

If you are a tech junkie, this ring with projection powers will surly get you excited.


Fox Ring 

That ring sure looks foxy on you!


Alice In Wonderland Ring Collection 

If you are a big fan of fairytales, nothing compares to the exquisite nature of these rings crafted as a partner project between Disney and Brazilian brand H. Stern.



creative-ring-cool-gift-design-30Raw Crystal Ring

This beautiful ring sold by Canadian-based Etsy shop Specimental has a price tag reaching nearly $300, still 589 rave reviews prove this brand’s high fashion jewelry is worth the cost.


Scrabble Ring 

This custom made ring is sold through supermarkethq.com and is currently listed for $380.



Ring With A Hidden Message

Hidden message rings made by Jungyun Yoon can be personalized to say whatever you desire.




Origami Crane Ring 

This origami ring is sold on etsy.com by DoubleB for a very affordable price, especially compared to other unique rings on this list.


Real Flower Ring 

RubyRobinBoutique makes a host of incredible jewelry that includes real flower details unlike anything else in your jewelry armoire.




Ring Says I LOVE YOU Written in Braille 


Nut and Bolt Wedding Ring 

These unique 24k gold plated wedding bands provide a rather fitting way to say “I do.”


Cut Fingers Ring 

This wild ring designed by Raul Souza might only be appropriate on Halloween, especially if you plan to add in the fake blood!


Skeleton Hand Ring 

Go big or go home with this all out skeleton hand ring. This ring is currently listed for $32 on backstage.bigcartel.com.


Antler Ring 

This pretty and unique handmade sterling silver ring is perfect for the holidays, or any time of year. You can purchase it through Etsy.com, it is sold by AetherDesign.


Dragon Ring 

Dragon lovers feast your eyes on this awesome ring!


Landscape Wooden Ring 

The perfect holiday ring to go with your ugly Christmas sweater! You can purchase this ring and many other fun designs by Clive Roddy through his shop on Etsy.com.


Pac Man Ring 

This ring is seriously adorable, even if you are not obsessed with Pac Man.


Green Eyeball Ring 

Jeepers, creepers, where’d you get those peepers…


Jellyfish Ring 

Philippe Cramer designed these jellyfish rings as a part of his latest collection of jewelry inspired by sea creatures and sea beauty in general.


DJ Rings 

The perfect gift for your favorite DJ! This line of DJ-friendly jewelry comes from the designer Darkcloud Silver, founded by Nathan Thomas in 2005. Pieces are crafted from silver, gold, and platinum and range in price from $300 to $750.



Swimmer Ring 

Helen Noakes is well known for her incredibly creative designs; this awesome ring complete with a swimming lady inside just goes to show how unique her work really is.


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