If It Fits, I Sits: These 21 Cats Prove That No Space Is Too Tight


Most cats have a very obstinate determination to fit into tight spaces.

However, some of the following felines are in a league of their own, cramming themselves into hilariously small spots.

It doesn’t matter how tiny the spaces are, if they can manage to squeeze themselves into a spot, you can be sure that they’ll take a seat.





It’s no secret that cats like to squeeze themselves into small spaces, whether it be inside a basket, under the bed, or in a box. Their sleek and flexible body makes it easy for them to fit into tiny spaces, and the shoulders of cats can even bend and twist to allow them to squeeze into some seemingly impossibly small spots.




Yet, for us, it can sometimes be hard to imagine why in the world anything would want to cram itself into such a tiny space – it doesn’t usually look very comfortable. But cats are creatures of habit and have reason to squeeze themselves into the little spaces they do.



To cats, smaller spaces feel safer. When they want to sleep, especially if they need to sleep deeply, cats tend to search for smaller, den-like spaces to snooze in. Considering that they sleep for the majority of the day, it makes sense that they like to feel safe, and tighter spots provide that security. To them, being crammed in a tiny basket is safer than being sprawled out on the couch.



Cats are also tactile animals. They like to know what’s around them by feeling their surroundings, from their whiskers to their tails. Small spaces make it easier for them to feel and be aware of what’s around.




Wild cats primarily rely on stealth to survive. Even if all your house cat is stalking is a spider in the living room corner, tiny spots help felines see the world around them without being seen, making it easier to sneak up on their prey.



When cats are about to give birth, they usually seek out a small and comfy hiding spot. Even if they’re in the safety of their owners’ home, cats instinctively don’t like to give birth in open places where predators could potentially see them.


Cats simply like to be warm. Small spots are just cozier, and little spaces help them retain their body heat.



Regardless of the exact reason why cats choose to cram themselves into tiny spaces, their antics sure do result in some hilarious photos.


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