2014 iPhone Photography Award Winners Prove That Amazing Photos Can Be Taken Without An Expensive Camera


Everywhere you go you have your iPhone with you, allowing you to snap images whenever the opportunity arrives. While it seems most of my iPhone photos are grainy, blurry, or oddly lit, apparently I’m doing something wrong! Especially after looking at these photos taken by this year’s winners of the IPPAWARDS (iPhone Photography Awards). The photos these photographers captured with their handheld devices are truly breathtaking–and far from blurry!

The above photograph of a fox in the snow was taken by Michael O’neal, the first place winner for the animals category. The San Francisco based photographer was driving to Colter Bay Beach in Wyoming when he spotted the furry fox. He pulled over, grabbed his iPhone and got out of the car, sitting on the side of the road for 10 minutes with Mr. Fox. Turns out the cute little guy is incredibly friendly and O’neal was able to take some pretty awesome photos of him.

O’neal is not the only amazing photographer to enter the IPPAWARDS, in fact many others have won their own awards for taking masterpiece photos using their handy-dandy iPhone. The following photos are all from the 2014 collection of iPhone photography winners. ippawards-iphone-ipad-photography-awards-2014-1nIt seems each image is more breathtaking than the next–be prepared to be amazed!


Julio Lucas, Bradenton, FL United States, 1st Place 2014 Photographer of the Year

The rules for the IPPAWARDS, created by Apple, are that the photo must be snapped using an iPhone, iPad, or iPod. Also, no digital enhancements from desktop software can be included. Instead, you can only use device-bassed apps for enhancements.

ippawards-iphone-ipad-photography-awards-2014-1aNaomi Wu, New Taipei City, Taiwan, 2nd Place–Animals 

ippawards-iphone-ipad-photography-awards-2014-1gTeddy Cohen, Tel Aviv, Israel, 3rd Place–Animals 

ippawards-iphone-ipad-photography-awards-2014-1fMariko Klug, Erding, Germany, 3rd Place–Trees 

This up close and personal image of a flower sparks mystery and intrigue.

ippawards-iphone-ipad-photography-awards-2014-1eMonica Ganter, Glenside, PA United States, 3rd Place–Flowers 

Photographer Adrienne Pitts received first place in Travel for the photo below. The dog-loving travel-bug says, “My iPhone is the camera that is always on me, and is a great creative challenge. This little device I carry in my pocket is a constant reminder to me to always be shooting, to always have an open eye, and to always try and become better at what I do.” And we do appreciate all that you do Adrienne–your photos are amazing!

ippawards-iphone-ipad-photography-awards-2014-1pAdrienne Pitts, London, United Kingdom, 1st Place- Travel 

Russian-bassed photographer, Elena Grimailo has access to plenty of fancy cameras, but she admits her favorite go-to camera is her iPhone. In fact, she takes it everywhere she goes, snapping photos at home, on vacation, and even for work.

ippawards-iphone-ipad-photography-awards-2014-1lElena Grimailo, Moscow, Russia, 1st Place- Landscape 

You’ll never look at asparagus the same way again!

ippawards-iphone-ipad-photography-awards-2014-1oAlexa Seidl, Washington, DC United States, 1st Place–Food 

First place winer for the 2014 iPhone Photography People category, Lauren Smith prefers to shot photos from her iPhone because people don’t realize you are photographing them. This allows the natural way of life to continue on, granting stunning photos that are far from staged. In Lauren’s own words, “I feel that there is some truth lost when you shot with a DSLR because people notice it and there’s a distinct change in their body language and expression once they feel they’re being photographed.”

ippawards-iphone-ipad-photography-awards-2014-1qLauren Smith, Pensacola, FL United States, 1st Place–People 

ippawards-iphone-ipad-photography-awards-2014-1uEdward Adams, Pebworth, Warwickshire United Kingdom, 3rd Place–Sunset 

ippawards-iphone-ipad-photography-awards-2014-1yCocu Liu, Chicago- IL United States, 2nd Place-Trees 

ippawards-iphone-ipad-photography-awards-2014-1vJordan Fraser, Belfast, Ireland, 2nd Place–Travel 

The winner for the 2014 trees category, Aaron Pike is a man of many talents. He is a San Francisco based musician, photographer, and educator. His goal is always to, “…create shots that inspire others to get up, get going, and enjoy the natural beauty around them.”

ippawards-iphone-ipad-photography-awards-2014-1rAaron Pike, San Francisco, CA United States, 1st Place–Trees 

ippawards-iphone-ipad-photography-awards-2014-1jBrandon Kidwell, Jacksonville, FL United States, 1st Place– Lifestyle 

Inspired to take your own amazing photos? You can enter right now for the 8th annual iPhone photography awards. People from all over the world enter to win each year since 2008–you never know, you could be the next winner! The deadline for next years competition is March 31, 2015.