20 Of The Most Creative And Clever Bookmarks For Bookworms


There is nothing like getting lost in a great book. But unless you have ample free time it’s nearly impossible to read an entire book in one sitting. Eventually someone comes along to interrupt, maybe the kids get of school, or your shift at work is soon scheduled to start, but for whatever reason you must mark your page and return to real life.

Some people fold their pages to mark their spot, while others (myself included) can’t stand to damage the pristine pages of a good book. Bookmarks are a stationary product in my life, meaning this list is about to do some damage to my bank account… I. Want. Them. All!!!

To all my fellow bookworms out there, this is for you. Get ready to go gaga over the most creative bookmarks ever!

1. Witch Legs Bookmark

For anyone that watched Wizard Of Oz over and over again as a child (me! me!) this bookmark is perfection.



Photo Credit: Etsy

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2. Bookmark Lets You Mark Your Page AND Section

Bookmarks are great at marking your page but not at marking a certain paragraph on the page. This bookmark allows you to stop reading at any point on the page, just move the pointer to your last line.



Photo Credit: 25togo

3. Happy Hippo Bookmark


Photo Credit: Peleg Design

4. Reading Lamp Inspired Bookmark


Photo Credit: Peleg Design

5. Help! I’m Smashed In A Book Bookmark



Photo Credit: designboom

6. Zipper Bookmark

This bookmark is a total conversation starter…



Photo Credit: Peleg Design

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7. Be Right Back Bookmark


Photo Credit: unknown

8. Reading Light Bookmark

A place to put your book and a night-light to read it with, handy! But you’ll still need another one of the bookmarks on this list if you want to read your book outside of the bedroom.



Photo Credit: Damjan Stankovic

9. The Perfect Bookmark For Every Book, Seriously




Photo Credit: icoeye

10. Cute Animal Bums Bookmarks

Pet lovers can’t get enough of these adorable animal bottom bookmarks!


Photo Credit: Michela Tannoia

11. Grass Page Markers

What a natural way to mark the pages of a textbook, or anything else you read that requires marking numerous pages.


Photo Credit: Yuruliku

12. Murder Mystery Bloody Bookmark

A bloody creepy way to mark your page in the latest thriller…


Photo Credit: Kyouei Design

13. Cup of Coffee Bookmark

Reading is always better with coffee, in fact… everything is better with coffee!


Photo Credit: kbutkowski

14. Sprout Bookmarks

From every great book sprouts a new look on life…


Photo Credit: Amazon

15. Cassette Tape Bookmarks

For those of you that still like to kick it old school with cassette tapes, here’s the perfect #tbt bookmark for you!


Photo Credit: connectdesign.co.kr

16. Birds Bookmark


Photo Credit: zowieso.com

17. Beautiful Crochet Flower Bookmark

This beautiful crochet bookmark makes for a treasured keepsake and a handy page saver.


Photo Credit: etsy.com

18. Cute Fox Bookmark



Photo Credit: lonnies.dk

19. Reading Victorian Lady Bookmark


Photo Credit: emi

20. Magnifying Camera Bookmark

This multi-purpose bookmark gives a magnify glass for hard to read print and a bookmark to save your page– score! Plus it’s camera-themed for all of you photographers out there.


Photo Credit: Amazon

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