These 25 Beautiful Autumn Photos Will Inspire You To Grab Your Camera


Autumn sparks the start of a new school year, and the end of long summer days but it is still a coveted season that brings out the best in some people. The first orange leaves to litter the yard signal the approaching holidays–like Halloween, and Thanksgiving, then comes Hanukkah and Christmas! Plus, the fresh breeze and dipping temperatures mean we can bust out those cute scarfs tucked away at the end of last winter.

The vast richness that comes each fall is unparalleled, as the leaves turn a friendly shade of orange–just in time for Halloween. Humans naturally don’t like change, but the changing of seasons is enjoyable because we know what to expect. When fall comes back around each year, it’s like saying hello to an old and dear friend, one that has played background to good times many years over.

Check out these incredible photos of fall foliage, highlighting the best of what Autumn has to offer.


If you live in the Northern Hemisphere, the first day of fall this year fell on a Monday, September 22. When fall arrives we expect the days to be shorter, the weather less warm, and the leaves to change miraculous colors. But what actually happens to during the fall that morphs entire landscapes into dressed-up versions of their usually green selves?


Depending where in the world you live, the time of year when fall arrives differs in relation to the position of the sun. It takes 1-year for the earth to fully rotate around the sun, as it goes about its journey different levels of light move across the planet.

The extent of your fall season also varies depending on location, for instance the North Pole watches the sun disappear across the horizon, not to return again for 6 months. These long cold and dark periods are what allows so much ice to form, although much of this ice is now being lost due to the effects of global warming.


Fall sparks the start of the romantic season. It is actually proven that people crave to be in a relationship more when the weather starts to get chillier and the summer fun dwindles down. Just looking at some of these images is enough to make the aroma of romance waft through the air.




Instead of green, the ground becomes littered in shades of yellow, red, and orange. These colors are always hidden within bright green leaves, but there is so much chlorophyll (what gives the plants their green color) during the spring and summer that these colors are blocked out. With the introduction of shorter days, chlorophyll begins to decline, giving these other colors a chance to shine through.

Autumn colours surround the Tu Hwnt i'r Bont tearooms on the banks of the River Conwy

Fall offers you the chance to see many beautiful birds in migration, on the hunt for a more comfortable climate. Birds travel incredibly far in search of good weather, for instance the Arctic tern migrates a total of 21,000 miles back and forth each year.



Squirrels do go into a form of hibernation during the fall and winter, but they are not sleeping all day and night. Instead they stash acorns and other treats in secure weather-proof dens. Here they have everything they need to stay warm and cozy for the next few months.

And Yet It Moves!


Evergreens do not change colors during the fall due to a waxy substance that coats their needle leaves.  This same waxy coat also prevents evergreens from freezing.












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