20 Animals With Majestic Hair


The fur that animals are born with makes them fun to pet, ensuring they get plenty of back rubs all day long! Animals are known for their super soft furry coats, hence why they are so fun to cuddle. But some animals truly take the cake for having an incredible hairdo.

In some cases animals have evolved throughout the years to have lots of hair so that they are able to withstand the frigid winter weather where they reside. In other cases, animals are breed to have long hair. And then some animals, like the Feather Duster English Budgie featured below, have a wild coat of hair due to a genetic defect.

No matter what these 20 animals have long and fabulous locks of hair to blame for, they know how to rock it and look completely fabulous. These majestic haired animals are sure to make you swoon– as well as run to your nearest store in search of some hair products to help your own hair stand up to the elaborate competition put forth by the animal kingdom.

One Fluffy Cow


Hairy Caterpillar

Arguably this is one of the caterpillars that actually looks cooler before turning into a butterfly.

Hairy Caterpillar - Haarige Schmetterlingsraupe

See caterpillars transform into butterflies! 19 before and after incredible transformations.

Mini Highland Cow

Who needs eyes with such beautiful hair?


Is that a yummy carrot you got there?


Hungarian Komondor Dog

Also known as the “mop dog” because of this breed’s unique resemblance to a mop.

APTOPIX Germany Dog Show

Gypsy Vanner Horse

Who else dreams of having hair this effortlessly gorgeous every morning? I know I do!


Afghan Hound 


Spotted Apatelodes Caterpillar 


Samoyed Dog

Pretty fluffy hair that keeps them warm and helps them camouflage perfectly with a blanket of white snow.


Polish Buff Laced Chicken 



Norwegian Forest Cats 




Feather Duster Budgie 

Feather Duster syndrome is seen in English Budgie birds. Breeders do not intentionally create feather dusters, it is actually a rare genetic problem that occurs due to interbreeding and overbreeding. If a Feather Duster is born, most breeders will stop breeding the responsible pair. When birds are first born with this mutation they just appear very large, causing breeders to assume they actually have a very good bird on their hands. Then, within about 4 weeks feathers start to grow more rapidly and do not stop, even after they molt.

While it sure looks cool, this mass amount of feathers can cause a lot of issues for the bird, causing many owners to trim the excess feathers to help. Unfortunately, feather dusters don’t usually live longer than 2-12 months, and other issues can include muscle deterioration, difficulty perching, flying, preening, and climbing.


Timor The Norwegian Forest Cat 

What do you mean it’s cold out here? I feel just puuurrrfect!


Fluffy Hamster 

Who cares about my hair right now, this broccoli is incredible!


Valais Sheep

One of the sheep sticks out her tongue saying, “My fleece brings all the boys to the yard, and they’re like, it’s better than yours!”


Hairy Pig 

This pig knows how to keep warm throughout the winter!


White Silkie Hen 


Curley Haired Pigeon 

The most fascinating pigeon in the park, hands down.


Angora Rabbit

But is there a REALLY a rabbit under there?! And if so, how much does it weight without all of this hair.


Mary River Turtle

You might be thinking, wait WHAT?! A river turtle with hair? But this guys cool mohawk is actually made of pink algae!


Long-Haired Guinea Pig 

There is one extra responsibility that comes with owning this breed of guinea pig, a whole lot of hair brushing!


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