19 Things That Are Hilariously Similar To One Another


Who do you look like? Is it a person, an animal, or a lifeless object? Everywhere you look the world is full of striking similarities, and sometimes you’ve just got to stop and take notice.

The Internet loves things that look weirdly the same, and for good reason! Some similarities are too good to be true, as two things can seem completely different but yet somehow look so much the same. Recently we wrote about 19 cats that look like something (or someone) else entirely, but turns out there are many other similarities out there not pertaining to felines.

Looking for a good laugh? Check out these 19 things that are nothing alike but yet hilariously similar to one another!

1. This adorable baby in blue resembles Wallace Shawn, down to to the very same facial expression!


2. Are Steve Carell and Alice Cooper secret siblings?!?! If so, Steve needs to give Alice some teeth whitening tips, his choppers are radiant white in comparison.


3. We’ve all got a few ‘fruits’ in our family tree. This apple split down the center looks like this owl’s fruity twin! Judging by his upturned beak, the adorable owl agrees. 


4. Will Ferrell and Chad Smith wearing identical outfits, can you tell the hilarious comedian apart from the drummer of the Red Hot Chili Peppers?


5. Baby Selina Vs. the most famous photo of Albert Einstein 


6. Walter White from Breaking Bad looks just like Ned Flanders from The Simpsons. 

But seriously, who wants another season of Breaking Bad as much as I do?!


7. The scariest leaf in the forest… this leaf looks frighteningly similar to the mask from Scream.


8. This furry kitty resembles an Ewok so much it could join the Star Wars universe without much suspicion! 


9. This green pepper looks just like Sylvester Stallone… I especially like how the seeds are perfectly formed into teeth.


10. One of the world’s most permanently grumpy cats looks just like Master Shifu from the classic movie Kung Fu Panda. 


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11. A picture of Jason Voorhees from the Friday the 13th movie series is usually reason enough to scream, but this picture shows the famous mad man’s mask looks an awful lot like Crocks shoes, making him just a little less scary, at least right now.


12. Scar from the Lion King has the same fierce scowl as Khal Drogo from the Game of Thrones.


13. If Jabba The Hutt were a cat this is exactly what the popular Star Wars character would look like…


14. Watch out Catwoman, Batman’s twin is officially this super cool cat!


15. Van Gogh really resembles Chuck Norris in these side-by-side images.


16. This cute black kitty looks just like Toothless from How To Train Your Dragon 


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17. Perfectly ripped tights resemble the Burk Khalifa 


The Burk Khalifa is an incredible skyscraper in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Standing over 2,700 feet tall, and with 163 floors, the Burk Khalifa is the tallest man made structure in the entire world.

18. The cat that looks just like a plump and ready to eat chicken… 


19. Wide-eyed naked baby looks just like this adorable dog!


Make sure to always be on the lookout for cats that look like cartoon characters and babies that look like famous old men, because if you make a hilarious comparison collage it just might go viral.

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