19 Spoiled Cats That Likely Live Better Than You


Cats want food, water, catnip, a small dark place they can hide, and plenty of love. Any cat that has all of those things considers himself lucky. Cats don’t appreciate silk sheets and gold dishes the same way humans do, regardless some cats get all of the overpriced luxury goods, and more.

These cats don’t even know how good they are living, they just think the humans providing them with a 5-star luxury lifestyle are doing as they should: bow down to the Royal Purring Highness. In fact, these 19 spoiled cats live so good they probably live better than you!

1. This Spoiled Cat Has His Own Elevator


Photo Credit: youtube.com

2. This Cat Hangs Out In His Very Own Hammock

…And judging by the rolls of cat fluff hanging over the sides, he eats very well when he’s not snoozing.


Photo Credit: imgur.com

3. Hanging Out At Kitty Castle

Her mega-size kitten castle includes a cute little guest house off to the side.


Photo Credit: westerner71

4. Feline Only Feasts On The Finer Foods In Life, Like Sushi

Raw fish is every cat’s dream come true, but I can’t imagine the spicy sauces are very good for this cat’s digestive system.


Photo Credit: unknown

5. If I Fits I Sits– Luxury Edition


Photo Credit: Tagruato_Corporation

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6. Tech-Crazy Kitty Cat

Many cats are easily entertained by televisions and iPads, so long as you put on the right form of entertainment. My cat will sit for hours and watch any kind of animal on the TV, and obviously Discovery Channel and Animal Planet are his favorite go-to channels.


Photo Credit: imgur.com

7. This Cutie-Pie Requires His Very Own Leather Sofa

For around $90 you can pick up a similar leather sofa for your pets on Amazon.com.


Photo Credit: imgur.com

8. Beemer Lives In The Fanciest House On The Block


Photo Credit: thefackelmayer

9. Looking For A Luxury Hotel For Your Cat? At Your Request:

Located in Dewsbury, England, The Ings Luxury Cat Hotel allows you to travel the world and never worry about your favorite feline back at home. After all, your cat will be too busy living it up at a 5-star retreat catered to cats to worry about your disappearance.


Photo Credit: theingsluxurycathotel

10. Hanging Out At The Longcroft Luxury Cat Hotel

The Longcroft Luxury Cat Hotel is located in the UK, and caters to the spoiled cat that needs a place to stay for a few nights. Abi Purser opened the original boutique cat hotel after being unable to find premium accommodations for her own kitty cat. Success was near immediate, and the luxury cat hotel has now expanded into several other franchise locations throughout the UK.

spoiled-cats-7__605 Photo Credit: longcroftcathotel.co.uk

11. Sushi For The Cat And Steak For The Dog


Photo Credit: telegraph.co.uk

12. Breakfast On The Balcony, How Posh

Presentation is everything…


Photo Credit: unknown

13. Choupeete The Cat Doesn’t Fly First Class. Choupeete Flies On A Private Jet Plane.


Photo Credit: choupettesdiary

14. Queen Of The Garden

No one is going to use this table for coffee cups or potting plants, not when the queen of the garden is busy ruling supreme.


Photo Credit: dondestasamboga

15. Tito Enjoys Views Of The Sea From The Best Seat In The House


Photo Credit: Marko Kopp

16. Christmas Dinner For The Cat Served On Gold Dishes, But Of Course


Photo Credit: Kateřina Vydrová

17. Wants Fish NOW!


Photo Credit: Laura Gusso

18. Lobster Loving Cat


Photo Credit: Stonerbabe22

19. Mini Bedroom For Cat


Photo Credit: Lisbonite

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