19 Of The Most Creative Tea Infusers For Tea Lovers


Who doesn’t love to add a little creativity to their day? If you are a regular tea drinker you will just love these creative and cute tea infusers!

Did you know that tea is actually more popular than coffee? Meaning chances are, you drink and enjoy the classic beverage. Tea is delicious as well as full of health benefits. While tea bags are great for busy days on the run, an infuser can really bump up the quality of your tea, and an adorable infuser can also enhance your tea fashion!

Enjoy these 19 creative and unique tea infusers.

Mr. Tea Infuser 



A tea infuser is a device that holds loose, dried tealeaves in a mug full of steaming hot water. Tea infusers are often called a teaball, tea maker, or tea egg. Some infusers are removed once the brewing process is complete, while ‘shut-off infusers’ remain in the pot post-brewing process. If the holes in a tea infuser are too large, particles of the leaves may get loose in the tea, requiring the need for a tea strainer.

Lollipop Sweet Tea Infuser 


During the first half of the 19th century the tea infuser first became popular, and by the time Queen Victoria came to rule, every proper British household had one.

Polar Bear Holder For Tea Bag 



The tea bag is an American invention that came about much later than the original tea infuser, although it does a very similar job.

Generally, a tea infuser is a mesh container made of metal that comes in a variety of sizes and styles, some are made for individual cups of tea, and others are made for brewing in bulk. Infusers are typically removed after a certain amount of time in order to prevent the tea from becoming bitter.

Shark Infested Tea Infuser 




Yellow Submarine Tea Infuser 


The history of tea offers an interesting look at the history of our world in general. Tea was originally discovered in China, and has since made its mark on every country in the world. One legend states tea was first found and used as far back as 2737 BC, by none other than the Emperor of China.

Doctor Who Tardis Inspired Tea Infuser 


For many years tea has been consumed for its medicinal powers and taste, but it wasn’t until the Han Dynasty that tea was offered as a religious symbol. At the time tealeaves were limited and only consumed by wealthy royals.

Throughout the Tang Dynasty more tea plants were uncovered, meaning a larger group of people began to have access to the hot beverage. It was also during the Tang Dynasty that the love of tea spread to Japan.

Whale Tea Infuser 


The reason that tea is often linked to Zen Buddhism is because the priests drank tea in order to remain awake and meditate.

Mr. Robot Tea Infuser 


It wasn’t until the 17th century that tea finally arrived in England. It was only introduced at this time because King Charles II married Catherine of Braganza, a princess from Portugal. Before long tea became a thing among the royals of England, consumed at fancy aristocratic parties known as afternoon tea, or tea parities.

Rubber Duckie Tea Infuser



Flower Power Tea Infuser 


Sinking Titanic Tea Infuser 



Arta Tea Leaf Infuser 


Rainy Day Umbrella Tea Infuser 


Tiny Teapot Tea Infuser 


Owl Tea Infuser 


Rocket Tea Infuser 


Manatea Infuser 


Octopus Tea Infuser 


Kit-tea Cat Infuser 


Deep Tea Diver Infuser 



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