19 Creative Pet Cones That Your Pet Will Hate Even More


There are a number of injuries, illnesses, and surgical operations that require your pet to wear a cone over his or her head. While the cone is sometimes necessary to keep your pet healthy and healing, cats and dogs everywhere hate few things more than wearing a pet cone.

My own cat freaks out like crazy if he has to wear one. As soon as it’s secured around his neck he starts running around, crashing into every wall and chair in our house. I don’t know if he does it on purpose to try and get it off or what, but it’s pretty funny. When that doesn’t work he resorts to loudly crying in hopes we will take it off. The whole thing breaks my heart just as much as it makes me chuckle.

Pets have distinct personalities, and every pet has a different response to being stuck in a pet cone. Some creative pet cones are taking the classic (and greatly hated) veterinary device to a whole new level, but not in a way that makes pets any happier. Check out these 19 creative pet cones that your pet will hate even more.

1. Pixar Dog Cone

This is just too perfect!


Photo Credit: plumkat.tumblr.com

2. One Classy Dog Cone

This cute little dog has everything he needs inside of his cone… but that doesn’t mean he wants to wear it.


Photo Credits: Bored Panda

3. Cat Mustache Cone


Photo Credit: imgur.com

4. Death Star Dog Cone

Don’t let the cone fool you, this dog is ready for a galactic battle!


Photo Credit: imgur.com

5. Martini Dog Cone

It’s five ‘O’ clock Somewhere! Maybe instead of focusing on taking their cone off, these dogs will focus on sinking their teeth into these olive-inspired balls.



Photo Credit: imgur.com

6. Moustache Cat

I moustache you a question, how do I get this horrendous cone off my head?!


Photo Credit: imgur.com

7. Hello Sunshine! Yellow Flower Dog Cone

The cutest flower in the whole bouquet!


Photo Credit: Bored Panda

8. Crafty Cone Of Shame

This looks like something you would find at a local craft fair, so cute!


Photo Credit: Bored Panda

9. Sunshine Cones For All

These two good sports just love being twins!


Photo Credit: Bored Panda

10. Superman Cone For A Superdog!

“How am I supposed to save the world wearing this terrible thing around my neck?”


Photo Credit: whataboutthis.biz

11. Flower Power Cone

The sunglasses add the perfect touch!


Photo Credit: Erin Pauls

12. Poker Face Dog Cone


Photo Credit: Bored Panda

13. Ornament Adorned Christmas Dog Cone


Photo Credit: imgur.com

14. Festive Christmas Cone


Photo Credit: Bored Panda

15. Funny Mask

An easy DIY edition anyone can add to their pet’s cone.


Photo Credit: Bored Panda

16. Bat Cat


Photo Credit: imgur.com

17. DIY Large Dog Cone Made From Duct Tape

This cumbersome cone looks far from comfortable and what a good dog for putting up with it!


Photo Credit: Mary Heffernan

Some pets won’t put up with wearing a cone at all, and they WILL find a way to destroy a cone if you put it on them. If this describes your pet, look into alternative methods that do the same job without torturing your pet endlessly.

Other options include the BiteNot collar, the blow-up neck pillow, the paper collar, or even using old clothing or bandages to secure the area you don’t want your pet messing with.

18. Sunflower Dog

At least someone looks happy about wearing their cone!


Photo Credit: imgur.com

19. Stylish Cone Of Shame

“It’s bad enough you make me wear this thing… and now you’re going to take a picture?!”


Photo Credit: imgur.com

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