18 Beautiful Photos Of Animals Looking Through Windows


Animals are so human-like sometimes, for instance when they are caught looking in or out of windows. Photographers from all over the world have captured some of the most beautiful and enchanting photos of animals looking through windows. Are these cute, furry creatures contemplating life, or just waiting for their special human to return home?

That’s the magical element of animals, you never know exactly what they are thinking–only that they are adorable doing whatever they do! While cats and dogs tend to take a lot of naps, the window provides a source of entertainment when they are awake. Animals stare out the window longing to go outside, waiting for their owner, or simply chasing butterflies through the glass. These animal photos show the finer points of starring through windows, after all animals always know best.


This cute pup comes across a little rodent– “anyone home?” This photo comes from a series shot by Kai Fagerstrom. He ventured into a small sect of abandoned houses, and spent years taking photos of the wild animals overrunning the once human-occupied domains. The doggy photographed below belongs to Kai, although he admits it took hours to get shots like this.


See more of Kai Fagerstrom’s photo shoot of wild animals in an abandoned house. 

Dogs are ALWAYS waiting for their master to come home, in hopes of long walks, lots of hugs, and plenty of treats!


How much are those kitties in the window? Meow, meow! Did someone say twins?


An adorably bushy and plump fox looks inside with big pretty eyes. I’d sure be tempted to let him in…


Did you know that there are over 205 different species of owls? They are sorted into two groups: barn owls and true owls. We don’t get to see owls very often because they are nocturnal. By coming out late at night to hunt they avoid competition with other big birds of prey such as hawks and eagles.


They say that after cats experience the loss of an owner they go through a grieving period. This often results in them waiting by the window, as if for their owner to return. While cats may seem rough, tough and independent, they actually have an emotional capacity closely linked to humans.


“Hey, someone! Let us out of here!” Cats are funny creatures, and even those that have never been exposed much to the outdoors know that they love it. See for yourself by letting your indoor cat outside with you. At first they might act timid, but within no time they will start rolling around like the ground is made of catnip.


Not only are squirrels good at getting through tricky obstacle courses to find food, but they are also clever about finding short cuts in doing so. Not only are they smart but they are valuable to the forests of the world. In fact, squirrels can claim responsibility for the vast majority of oak coverage found throughout America.


This little birdie takes a break, resting on the broken ledge of this window pane.


Identifying different species of birds is truly a full time job with nearly 10,000 different types of birds known to be in existence. The largest bird of all happens to be the ostrich.


While the cute pup pictured below is awake, it appears to be nearing his nap time. Dogs are good sleepers and are known to dream just like you and I.


The whole pack is here!


Photo Credits: Mark BridgerKai Fagerströmermagerdrerdert, Kai FagerströmKadir IrkinBeatrice SchulerFabio ChiariAnna KryczkowskaAlexander LukinskyMilos JovanovicdmumsIgor ShpilenokVal D’AquilaOrt BaldaufJacek StefanAndre Ricardo De OliveiraSusanne Stoopimgur.com