150 Portraits Of People Around The World In A 30-Year Career Retrospective By Steve McCurry


Steve McCurry is a legendary photojournalist from America with many famous photographs under his belt. His most popular portrait is known as “Afghan Girl,” which was originally introduced to mainstream media when it was featured on the cover of National Geographic Magazine.

A museum is now being opened in McCurry’s name to highlight some of his most epic work to date. Located in Italy, Steve McCurry: Oltre Lo Sguardo will highlight 30-years of work through 150 portraits. The faces that make up McCurry’s work come from so many different cultures and parts of the world. No matter what someone dresses like, or how they live their life, their human soul shines through each and every photo taken by McCurry. Check out some of his work below…simply stunning!

Omo, Valley, Ethiopia, 2013

Kara Tribe children peer through a window, their faces pressed closely to the glass.


India, 1983

A steam locomotive and those that work on it.


McCurry was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. At Pennsylvania State University, McCurry studied film and after graduating went on to work at a local newspaper. Within only a few years of beginning his career he booked a trip to India. As he traveled across the country with only a few possessions and plenty of film, he captured some of his first breathtakingly foreign photos. Little did he know this trip would shape the rest of his life as well as career.

While traveling through India he ended up moving across the border into Pakistan where he met refugees from Afghanistan. It was these refugees that helped smuggle McCurry into their country–that’s a brave man with a camera! He was on a mission, after all the Russian Invasion had already closed off the country to photojournalists from the west. McCurry hid away for a bit, grew a beard and then emerged into town wearing traditional dress as if he were a local. As a result he was able to capture images of the conflict going on in Afghanistan for the world to see.

Sanaa, Yemen 


Preah Khan, Angkor, Cambodia, 1999

Playing with the shadows to make a different type of portrait.


Mumbai, India


Tribeca, New York, USA, 2010

Robert De Niro hanging out in his screening room.




Omo Valley, Ethiopia 

A woman shows off the large piercing in her lip.



Even in flooded streets, life must go on.


Yangon, Myanmar/Burma


Kuwait, 1991

Oil fields burning and camels roaming about.


Omo Valley, Ethiopia, 2013


Rajasthan, India


Afghanistan, 2003


Omo Valley, Ethiopia, 2013 

A portrait of a young boy belonging to the Suri Tribe.


Tagong, Tibet, 1999

This portrait is from the exhibition view at Villa Reale di Monza.


Balochistan, Pakistan, 1981 

This portrait was taken of a refugee and displayed at Villa Reale di Monza.


Rajasthan India, 2010

An elderly man belonging to the Rabari Tribe poses for the camera.


Today, at 64-years old, McCurry continues to impress us with his incredible photography skills. He captures the heart and soul of being human, no matter where in the world he might be. In an interview with design bloom, McCurry said, “For me a portrait is about connection, somehow you connect with a person, visually or emotionally. I’ve often believed that a person’s life stories are kind of written on their face. It’s magical, it’s mystical the way you can connect to a person, it’s hard to describe. You know it when you see it.”

Want to see more of McCurry’s work but can’t make it to Italy? Check out Steve McCurry’s photo blog, you can go back through the months and years looking at some of his favorite photos throughout his travels. You could seriously get trapped here all day, it’s just one incredible photo after the next.

Omo Valley, Ethiopia, 2012

The legendary photojournalist hanging out with a group of Suma tribesmen. Camera intact of course!


Photo Credits: stevemccurry.commostrastevemccurry.it