15 Photos Reveal The Full Spectrum Of Autumn’s Colors


If you live in the northern hemisphere you are currently enjoying the changing seasons, the take over of fall. The weather is cooling down, the orange leaves are tumbling to the ground, and that crisp, cool air associated with autumn is present with every deep breath.

I can’t help but think it’s magical we live in a world that naturally produces beautiful things in a wide shade of ever-changing colors.  In the fall we are reminded that the trees and plants are living creatures, capable of changing and adapting with the change in weather; birds fly south, humans buy more firewood, and the trees change colors.

These photos highlight how many different colors come to life in the fall, on grapes, trees, carrots and even corn!

Glass Gem Corn 

This colorful variation of corn recently became a huge sensation, and is sold by Native Seeds/SEARCH, an Arizona based brand that sells rare seeds. Although this brightly colored corn on the cob was created by a man named Carl Barnes, an Oklahoma farmer that began making different variations of corn as a way to reconnect with his heritage.


Barnes discovered the recipe for this corn by digging deep to rediscover ancient corn seeds from all across the Nation. Barnes began saving the seeds that produced colorful corn on the cob, from which he was able to produce rainbow colored corn. With each year the corn is breed, new and more magnificent colors and patterns come to life.

This gorgeous corn looks more like decoration or jewelry than traditional corn, but it still packs a yummy taste!

Colorful Banana Tree 


Colorful Tomatoes 

Tomatoes come in all different colors, with a variety of unique tastes. The reason most of the tomatoes at your local grocery store are bright red and perfectly round has to do with genetically altered seeds used to grow “perfect” tomatoes.

It’s all a sales tactic, and the effects of eating GMO foods is still on shaky ground. Not to mention, this genetic alteration has taken some of the tomatoes natural flavor away. Go organic and your tomatoes might not look perfect, but they will certainly taste perfect.


Grapes The Color Of A Fall Rainbow


Batt Beside Rainbow Leaf

The dark coloring of the batt and surrounding tree trunk make the groovy colors on this leaf stand out even more.


Leaves Of Varying Colors 

These leaves look perfect enough to be paper cut outs!


Falling Vines 


Fall Foilage

The colors of Autumn come to full blinding light by this largely unknown but beautiful location.


Street Side Rainbow Tree 


Carrot Color Wheel 



This tree is half-way through the transition into fall.


Sylvia Hotel in Vancouver, Canada 

Originally designed as an apartment building back in 1912, the Sylvia Hotel has since become a hotel as well as a famous landmark in Canada. One entire side of the building is covered in foliage that changes colors depending upon the season.


Every Season, One Leaf 

This leaf is especially spectacular because it highlights the colors it will turn in every single season. A leaf always hosts every color that it ever turns, but at certain times of the year when more chlorophyll is available, in the spring and summer, leaves remain a vivid green that blocks out the other shades of yellow, orange and red.

In the fall chlorophyll naturally decreases, allowing the other colors of nature to break free in a beautiful burst of new colors. This leaf doesn’t know what season it is, so it lets them all shine through!


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Transitioning Leaves

Fall Transition

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Photo Credits:   ThatIrishFella David Leclerc  lizardom ferrebeekeeper coolcoolcool Emily Blincoe  Alex Horodinca  TheBrohemian, Bored Panda  Sensei Krystal  Fred SG  Scott Bideau   Clousey