15 Most Gorgeous Windmills Around The World

Windmill Photo By Drew McAvoy

Wind, as a source of energy, has been used for several thousand years. In olden days, windmills were primarily used to mill grains or pump water. While most such windmills have seen a rapid decline, its the wind turbines which are slowly foraying themselves into the world of clean renewable source of energy.

These windmills always give a sense of nostalgia and transport us into an era when life was much easier and one took pleasure in simple things of life.

Here we present to you 15 gorgeous windmills from around the world. Sit back and take a trip down the memory lane.

1. Windmill in France 

Windmill Photo By Olivier Le QueinecPhoto Credit: Olivier Le Queinec

Antique grain windmill with old stone tower on a hill in the countryside in France.

2. Windmill Against Sky

Windmill Against Sky Photo By Ernie WatchornPhoto Credit: Ernie Watchorn

Windmill against sky with full moon, Killkenny, Leinster.

3. Mykonos

Mykonos Photo By Joana KrusePhoto Credit: Joana Kruse

Kato Myli, lower mill mountain, Mykonos, Greece

4. Wind Turbine Farm

Wind Turbine Farm Picture Indiana Sunrise Photo By Paul VelgosPhoto Credit: Paul Velgos

Wind turbine farm at Sunrise in Chalmers Indiana. Power generating windmills are becoming a more popular source of renewable and alternative energy for energy conservation.

5. First Light On Wilpena Pound 

First Light On Wilpena Pound Photo By Bill RobinsonPhoto Credit: Bill Robinson

This image was taken at Rawnsley Park Station early in the morning.

6. Windmill Sunset 

Windmill Sunset 85 Photo By Chris HarrisPhoto Credit: Chris Harris

7. Windmill in Northern Ireland 

Windmill Photo By Drew McAvoyPhoto Credit: Drew McAvoy

Ballycopeland windmill. A restored 18th Century windmill located near Millisle in Northern Ireland.

8. Golf Criptana 

Golf Criptana Photo By Zu Sanchez PhotographyPhoto Credit: Zu Sanchez

9. Old Hook Windmill 

Old Hook Windmill Photo By Cathy KovarikPhoto Credit: Cathy Kovarik

Hook Mill was built in 1806 and is located in East Hampton, New York. One can go up on all three floors during a tour.

10. Danish Windmill 

Danish Windmill Photo By Robert LacyPhoto Credit: Robert Lacy

This windmill is on the island of Fyn in Denmark. It has been well preserved and speaks to us of a less complicated era.

11. Windmill in Mediterranean Hills

Windmill 14 48 Photo By Taylan SoyturkPhoto Credit: Taylan Soyturk

Old windmill seen through wheat ears on Mediterranean mountain landscape.

12. Kinderdijk

Kinderdijk Photo By Chad DutsonPhoto Credit: Chad Dutson

Captured during fall in The Netherlands.

13. My Touch of Holland 

My Touch of Holland Photo By Nick BorenPhoto Credit: Nick Boren

Wooden Shoe Tulip Fields, Holland.

It Was A Lovely Morning Photo By Nick BorenPhoto Credit: Nick Boren

14. Chesterton

Chesterton Photo By Chris FletcherPhoto Credit: Chris Fletcher

15. Winter Windmill

Winter Windmill Photo By Paul FreidlundPhoto Credit: Paul Freidlund

Windmill in winter, Northern MN.