15 Amazing Homes Built Right Into Nature


Try as we must, humans can not compete with the beauty created by the natural world. Flowers, trees, creeks, jagged cliffs, all of the landscapes that surround are stunning enough to take your breath away. A stucco or brick house just can’t compete with the scenes taken away in order to erect a manmade building. So why not build a house using the natural details found throughout our gorgeous planet?

These 15 homes prove you can use any natural resources to build the most breathtaking homes. Although a few on this list look structurally questionable, or difficult to get inside, each one is remarkable in its own way. Perhaps these amazing homes built right into nature will inspire you to build a green-inspiried home of your very own someday!

1. Part modern day home, part-pyramid, then add a layer of grassy hillside and you’ve got the perfect recipe to duplicate this house!


2. This underground mountain-side home is located in Vals, Switzerland. Before its construction people were concerned about a home being built here becuase it could obstruct the baths’ views, as well as take away from the natural charm of the landscape. A compromise was made and the home was built but practically hidden. While you can see the home clear as day from the angles of these photos, most other vantage points make the house look 100% invisible, as if doesn’t exist at all.


From this angle at night the mountain-side home looks sort of like an alien ship.


3. Even when you literally live under a rock, you still have to have your satellite TV!


4. Not just one home, but an entire village built into the side of this cliff.


5. Before hanging out in this house on stilts I would like to see a equation that shows the actual strength and safety of this cliffside home.


6. When people see this cliff-side domain in Spain they wonder how you could actually get to the door, does access require some basic rock climbing skills?


7. Oh to live where the grass is always greener… This home was built with green grass and eco-friendly living in mind. Houses that have living green roofs are more energy efficient, among other perks.


8. Removal Requested by Photographer


9. This home is located underground, while it isn’t traditional to live deep beneath the dirt, some people prefer it for safety and climate related reasons.  Since the soil deep underground remains moist, it actually keeps underground houses remain cooler in hot regions.


10. Desert homes built straight into the cliff sides.


11.  The modern plain structure built amongst the trees has that extra special something. Maybe it’s those wide open windows looking out over a crystal clear pool, or the raised grassy pastures surrounding the home and yard.


12. This is the perfect house for anyone with kids, what kid doesn’t want to slide home everyday? Lazy people might like it too, easier than walking down a hill. The only question: do you have to climb up a jungle gym in order to leave the house?


13. The best ocean view in town is offered at this cute little beach house built to be somewhat disguised with its surroundings. While it looks fun to hang out here, cliffs this close to the ocean are not always very secure.


14. Is that a cave or a cottage? This house is literally carved into the side of a cave at the Beckham Creek Cave Lodges. Just watch out for any lingering bats that want their home back!


15. I’d like to live here for a few days… it has all the good amenities: excellent views, plenty of wildlife to observe, and it even has a haunted air about it, as if it holds a great deal of mysterious stories.


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