14 Brilliant Bathroom Design Ideas


You spend more time in your bathroom than you likely realize. Is your bathroom all that you want it to be and more? Is it a pretty and functional space that you enjoy looking at, or do you dream of the day you can gut out the bathroom and make it completely new?

If you are thinking about redoing your bathroom(s), what’s stopping you?! After all, you might as well ‘splash’ up one of the most important rooms in your house! Let’s face it, no one wants to buy, or even rent, a home that does not have a bathroom. Could you imagine waking up in the middle of the night with a full bladder and having to walk (or drive) to the nearest 24/7 gas station for relief?

Bathrooms are easily one of the most important rooms in your whole house. So while you might be more willing to spend a large chunk of change on a new couch for your living room, than on a new couch for your bathroom, these pictures just might start to change your mind.

When it comes time for those next bathroom renovations, allow these 14 incredible designs to spark some imaginative ideas!

Fishy Sink

Here fishy, fishy! Feel like you are washing your hands in the ocean with this AWESOME sink that contains real live fish inside. Simply lift the plugs on either side of the faucet to feed your fishes, although cleaning this sink-shapped fish bowl might not be that easy…


Funky Arctic Sink 

This sink looks like a chunk of broken ice with frigid waters beneath.



Bathroom With Glass Floor 

Although this bathroom looks like it’s located in an elevator this is seriously SO cool!


Grass Bath Rug 

This moss covered bath rug can help to naturally dry off your feet when you get out of the shower. Plus, the water that rolls off your body helps feed the plants below.



See see more green design inspired by nature. 

Underwater Bathroom 

Mosaic tiles, porcelain details, everything about this bathroom stands out. When you enter you feel like you have entered a world far under the sea. Is it just me, or does it feel like you might find Sponge Bob in here..



Pretty Patterned Sink 

This sink is modern and unique in many ways, including the awesome flower geometric shapes lining the bottom of the basin.


Modern Sink 

This sink is so modern it is practically invisible, but I like the built in soap dispenser!


Glass Bath With A View 

There is no privacy in this sophisticated glass bath rub with matching glass sink.


Bon Voyage Shower Curtains

Low on dough but want to add a cool addition to your bathroom? This ship shower curtain from Antroplogie can affordably do the trick!


Ammonite Washbasin 

Who says a sink needs to be a plain porcelain bowl?


Glass Bath Tub 

It might look like your entire bathroom is about to flood, but actually this bath tub designed by Stern McCafferty is simply made of glass. Creating a really cool feel, and the ability to take a fairly deep bath!


Amethyst Lined Sink 

This sink takes the cake for being a true ‘gem.’ My only concern would be cleaning the gorgeous rock…


Bike Sink

Bicycle lovers unite with this creative sink idea.


Hammock Bath Tub

This bath tub takes lying in a hammock to a whole new level of comfort. The designers included a drain beneath the floating tub to ensure a flood doesn’t ensue.




Photo Credits: Splinter Works, High Tech Design, Nguyen La Chanh, hraggle, omvivo, anthropologie.eu, opulentitems.com, Benjamin Bullins, KO KO, Anthony Lindsey, Victor Vasilev, Hernandez Silva, Kirill Myagkov, imgur.com,