11 of The Most Magical Houses In The Entire World


Have you ever dreamed of trading in your regular house for one straight of the pages of a story book? Maybe to live in a towering tree house, seashell shaped home, or fairy tale cottage?

Well, the following photos can provide you with some inspiration when coming up with your own dream home, because these houses are truly beyond imagination.


1. Casa do Penedo in Portugal
Located in the Fafe Mountains of northern Portugal, is the Casa do Penedo or House of Stone. This two story house, built between four large boulders found on site, may seem rustic, but it has plenty of amenities for residents to enjoy, including a fireplace and a swimming pool.


2. Nautilus House in Mexico
This amazing sea shell shaped house can be found in Mexico City. Built by architect Javier Sonosian, this house was actually constructed to be real livable home. Inspired by the work of Gaudi and Frank Lloyd Wright, it has plenty of smooth surfaces, spiral stair cases, and natural plantings.  It’d almost be like living in a snail shell!


3. Hobbit House in New Zeland
This hobbit house, as well as plenty of others, can be found on the Hobbiton Movie Set in Matamata, New Zealand. There are plenty of quaint details that would make it a simply adorable place to live, from the bright yellow paint and tiny door to the lovely flower garden and stone path.


4. Three Story Treehouse in British Columbia, Canada
In the Enchanted Forest of British Columbia (yes – this is a real place) is the province’s tallest treehouse. It’s situated in a lush and beautiful forest setting and towers high above any who wish to enter it. It has winding, twisty staircases and even a set of bunk-beds inside.


5. Forest House in Netherlands
This house can be found in the Fairy Tale Forest of Efteling, a fantasy-world attraction in the Netherlands. It really seems like the house just jumped straight out of the pages of a story book. With the forest setting and cottage-like details, you could swear that a fairy or talking woodland animal is just about to jump out from the foliage.


6. Teahouse Tetsu in Yamanashi, Japan
The garden of the Kiyoharu Shirakaha Museum in Yamanashi, Japan, is home to this stunning tea house. While its interior may be simple and modern, the exterior is absolutely fantastic; the beautiful cherry blossoms and the unbelievable tree-top setting of the house is completely breathtaking. To enter the teahouse, you even have to climb up the ladder and through a hatch in the floor.


7. Abdandoned Wooden House in Russia
Deep in the forests of northern Russia, in the Kostromo region, are plenty of abandoned wooden mansions. They were deserted several years ago, but many remain unchanged from their original forms. There’s something hauntingly beautiful about the house, and it’s quite the architectural display.


8. Traditional House in Iceland
This house is a great representation of what the traditional turf houses of Iceland looked like. Due to the difficult climate of the region, original inhabitants used turf roofs atop a wooden frame for their homes. While this may have been for functional reasons, the result is simply magnificent! It practically looks like the house just rose straight up from the ground.


9. Rustic Way Whimsical House in Minnesota
Craftsman Dan Pauly, from Elk River Minnesota, creates plenty of these old-fashioned, antique-like buildings. They look like more like a work of art than a functional living space, but they are fully insulated and wired with windows and a chimney. True to their name, these houses are very whimsical, and you can even have one shipped to you, if you so desire.


10. Maison de Sorciere in France
This maison de sorciere, meaning witch house in French, is located within France. While it definitely has some amazing architecture, there’s something slightly terrifying about this home. It looks like something straight out of a ghost story, with its stormy grey sky of a backdrop, and I wouldn’t be surprised if there were something haunted or sorcerous looming inside.


11. Fairy Tale Cottage in Canada
This adorable little cottage in Canada is almost difficult to see amongst all the green. Its vine covered exterior blends in with the lush surrounding foliage, almost tucked away so no one can discover it. It’d be easy to get lost from the world and forget about the time in this cozy cottage.

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Image Credit: VRfoto, Arquitectura OrganicaIan Brodieingur.companoramio.comTerunobu FujimoriAndrew QzmnFilippo Bianchirusticway.companoramio.comjamesbirkbeckart.tumblr.com