10 Stunning Vintage Bicycle Photos You’ll Love

Tour De France Photo By Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Who doesn’t love bicycles, after all ! Those little bright things that make us relive the fond memories of our childhood. There is something about these rare vintage bicycles leaned against dilapidated walls that are so charming to the eyes and leave a sense of sweet-sour nostalgia in the heart.

Here are such, 10 stunning vintage bicycle photos you’ll love.

1. Growing In The Garden 

Growing In The Garden Photo By Debra and Dave VanderlaanPhoto Credit: Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

A very rusty old Schwinn bicycle has become part of the garden. Captured at an antique shop seemingly growing right in the ivy, the wildflowers and daffodils caress the vintage wheels and frame of this interesting photo subject.

2. Vintage Bicycle At Rest 

Vintage Bicycle At Rest Photo By Paul WardPhoto Credit: Paul Ward

3. Beach Cruiser 

Beach Cruiser Photo By Sharon CummingsPhoto Credit: Sharon Cummings

4. Basket Full 

Basket Full Photo By Mark KiverPhoto Credit: Mark Kiver

An old bike that is now used for decoration at a Landscape business. The basket is filled with flowers and leaned against a wooden shed.

5. Tour De France 

Tour De France Photo By Debra and Dave VanderlaanPhoto Credit: Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

A decorative bicycle out in the French countryside, watches the sun setting on a rural farm outside of Chartres, one of the towns that hosted the time trial for the Tour de France International Bicycle Race, Summer of 2012.

6. Pedal Pusher 

Pedal Pusher Photo By Joanne ShedrickPhoto Credit: Joanne Shedrick

7. High Wheel ‘penny-farthing’ Bike 

High Wheel 'penny-fathing' Bike Photo By Christine TillPhoto Credit: Christine Till

Penny-farthing, high wheel and high wheeler are all terms used to describe a type of bicycle with a large front wheel and a much smaller rear wheel. This was actually the first prototype of the bicycle, we now know.

8. Snow Bound 

Snow Bound Photo By Greg and Chrystal MimbsPhoto Credit: Greg and Chrystal Mimbs

An old bicycle found leaning against a cabin in the mountains of North Carolina.

9. Draisina 

Draisina Photo By Alessandro Della PietraPhoto Credit: Alessandro Della Pietra

10. Red Bicycle At Antique Shop 

Red Bicycle At Antique Shop Photo By Ella Kaye DickeyPhoto Credit: Ella Kaye Dickey