10 Incredible Nightscapes Around The World

Hidden Galaxy Photo By Dustin LeFevre

It’s amazing how the day time world around us takes on a different hue and outlook every night. Everything looks different, feels different. The low lighting conditions make night photography a highly skilled and challenging task, but at the same time incredibly rewarding too !

We present you our favourite collection of nightscapes shot around the world by some highly skilled and hardworking photographers.

1. The Arch 

The Arch Photo By Shane PsaltisPhoto Credit: Shane Psaltis

Gateway Arch, St. Louis Riverfront

2. Amalfi At Night 

Amalfi At Night Photo By George OzePhoto Credit: George Oze

3. Golden Gate On Fire 

Golden Gate On Fire Photo By Francesco Emanuele CarucciPhoto Credit: Francesco Emanuele Carucci

The Golden Gate in San Francisco is on fire! Or it looks like it’s on fire when it’s surrounded by fog during a warn autumn evening, and when it’s framed accordingly.

4. Twin Lakes At Night 

Twin Lakes At Night Photo By Cat ConnorPhoto Credit: Cat Connor

A car crosses the bridge over frozen Twin Lakes on it’s way to Tamarack Resort, Mammoth Lakes, CA

5. U.S. Highway 395 Light Tails 

U.SPhoto Credit: Cat Connor

Venus hovers over the Sierra Nevada mountains as north and southbound traffic flows along U.S. Hwy. 395 in Crowley Lake, CA.

6. Hot Rod Nights

Hot Rod Nights Photo By Cat ConnorPhoto Credit: Cat Connor

’37 Chevy all lit up and ready to take on the night. Bodie, CA

7. Salt Lake City Downtown Winter Skyline

Salt Lake City Downtown Winter Skyline Photo By Gary WhittonPhoto Credit: Gary Whitton

8. Lightning Above The Opera House

Lightning Above The Opera House Photo By Kaye MennerPhoto Credit: Kaye Menner

The Sydney Opera House, just when the lightning struck during a brewing storm.

9. Passing Hours 

Passing Hours Photo By Chad DutsonPhoto Credit: Chad Dutson

Cedar Breaks National Monument, Utah. Reflected light from the passing sunset blazes on the quickly-passing clouds, and the Milky Way shines brightly straight above!

10. Hidden Galaxy 

Hidden Galaxy Photo By Dustin LeFevrePhoto Credit: Dustin LeFevre

Hidden Lake, Glacier National Park, Montana, USA