10 Days Of Extreme Weather Turned This Mountain In Slovenia Into A Kingdom Of Ice


This mountain in Slovenia turned into a winter wonderland this month after days of harsh weather pummeled the area. One amazing photographer made the journey up the mountain post-storm to see what was left behind, and good thing he did because the incredibleness of the ice formations he disovered are out of this world.

Marko Korošec, a Slovenian photographer, was well aware of the amazing formations ice and snow create, which is exactly why he wanted to climb up Mount Javornik after a brutal storm spanning more than a week hit the area.


Once the downright dreadful weather came to an end, Marko ventured up the mountain with camera in hand to see what the extreme weather had left behind. Days of brutal cold Bora wind, freezing fog, and snow left this mountain in Slovenia adorned in sculptures made by Mother Nature.


Marko had to make a long climb up to the top, but when the talented, weather-obsessed photographer saw the incredible structures the ice and snow had formed he instantly knew it was well worth the journey.

Marko was floored at what he saw; the area often dotted in skiers had been transformed into a winter fairytale. Layers of thick, hard ice rime clung to trees, flowers, a tower and more, forming into sharp spikes, beautiful formations, and ghostly outlines that dominated the mountain.


Marko specializes in weather photography, meaning he is no newbie to the formations of ice and snow. Still, he says of his experience photographing Mount Javornik, “I love extreme weather and seen a lot, but this was just above my imagination what I experienced earlier this week.”


The force of the wind paired with the storm caused the sculptures to form, including huge spikes that measured over 3-feet long. Marko marveled in awe as he captured photo after photo of the gorgeous storm sculptures. He says that in the most exposed areas it was 100-150 centimeters deep.


Marko was born and raised in a small town in SW Slovenia. Since he was young he has always been interested in both photography and meteorology. Marko has since purchased his own automatic weather station in order to study weather data in his local region of Karst.

Marko is most interested in damaging storms full of power and danger. Marko chases, documents and studies severe storms for a living, as well as to fulfill his life passion. Marko says you will rarely see him without a camera in hand, and if not a camera at least his cell phone.


Marko is a self-taught photographer capable of taking epic shots. He does nothing to enhance or alter his images in any way; instead he allows the incredible power of nature to speak for itself. He doesn’t only photograph ice and snow; Marko also enjoys chasing after supercells, lightening, tornadoes, night skies, and more.


Mount Javornik is a popular skiing destination located in eastern Slovenia. But no one was out riding the slopes during the storm that started on December 1st and spanned 9-10 days before finally breaking. While the mountain is no stranger to harsh cold temperatures and snow, this particular storm was considered extreme, hence how these breathtaking formations had a chance to cultivate.


Since the mountain is used as a ski resort, there were plenty of man-made objects for the ice and snow to cling to, forming even more ice structures with unique shapes.



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Photo Credits: markokorosec.net500pxFacebook