Which Aussie Animal Are You Most Like According To Your Zodiac Sign?


Locate your zodiac sign below to find out which Aussie animal has a personality closest to yours.

Aries: You Are A Red Kangaroo!

You are a leader in life with a strong, hard-working personality that doesn’t give up thanks to your high energy and independence. Despite your dedicated work ethic you are funny and a pleasure to be around.

redkangarooPhoto Credit: Flicker

Taurus: You Are A Tasmanian Devil!

You tend to be a bit stubborn at times but you make a great friend thanks to your patient and generous personality. You are social, full of energy and unwind by spending time out in nature.

enhanced-20212-1440331243-1Photo Credit: ThinkStock

Gemini: You Are A Rainbow Lorikeet

Your bubbly personality makes you sociable, curious and full of adventure. You’re always up for a good time and know just how to make people laugh. You tend to be on the sensitive side.

rainbowlorikeetPhoto Credit: ThinkStock

Cancer: You Are A Quokka

You are kind, full of love and always fighting for justice. You would never let down your friends or family, after all the people you care about are the most important things in the world to you.

QuokkaPhoto Credit: Flickr

Leo: You Are A Kookaburra!

Your excellent sense of humor makes you a natural entertainer. You’re kind and generous and love making others laugh, partially because you enjoy being the center of attention.

KookaburraPhoto Credit: Flickr

Virgo: You Are A Koala!

You are independent, smart, observant and full of patience. People often come to you for advice because they know they can depend on you. You’re responsible and reliable as well as caring and down-to-earth.

koalaPhoto Credit: Flickr

Libra: You Are A Wallaby!

You are kind, peaceful and diplomatic. You are great at first impressions thanks to your charming personality. You are down-to-earth and a natural optimist.

enhanced-8418-1440331146-1Photo Credit: ThinkStock

Scorpio: You Are An Emu!

You are mysterious and very charismatic. Your strong aura makes you a great leader that others listen to.

emuPhoto Credit: Flickr

Sagittarius: You Are An Echidna

You enjoy following the rules but you still crave adventure and change. You are a thinker always searching for the deeper meaning of life. Your head might be up in the clouds most days but you make an excellent friend.

echidnaPhoto Credit: Flickr

Capricorn: You Are A Dingo!

You will always make it to the top thanks to your resourceful nature. Your head is bursting with endless ideas and you know what to do with them thanks to your responsible and self-disciplined nature.

DingoPhoto Credit: Flickr

Aquarius: You Are A Platypus

You will never fully quench your thirst for adventure so enjoy all of the fun things you discover and people you meet along the way. You’re kind-hearted and tend to be on the rebellious side.

enhanced-7746-1440352163-5Photo Credit: Flickr

Pisces: You Are A Wombat

You have a mysterious charm, loads of curiosity and bountiful creativity. You are also trustworthy and a great friend people know they can count on.

wombatPhoto Credit: Flickr

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