Would You Sleep In the World’s Most Unusual Places to Spend the Night?


Photo Credit: PixGood.com

Are you the type of travel that likes a little, or a lot, of adventure? If so, you might want to consider spending the night in one of these very unusual places, like a Bubble Tree, found throughout the South of France. These transparent tents allow guests to become one with nature and are perfect for star gazing, though they can be covered up for privacy at night.

La Villa Hamster, Nantes, France

hamster hotel csmonitor

Photo Credit: CSMonitor.com

Also in France, this rather weird “hamster hotel,” allows guests the opportunity to live just like a hamster, complete with haystack beds and wrought iron wheels, including one in the lobby that actually works. You’ll even get a hamster mask at check-in.

Propeller Island, Berlin, Germany

upside down room

Photo Credit: Propeller-Island.de

In this Berlin hotel, each room seems to be stranger than the next. Choose from a room with coffin beds, one that features a king bed split into singles by using an oversized guillotine, or a room with a slanted floor that appears to make the bed fly. The most popular room looks rather ordinary at first glance, but look a little closer – it’s upside down. The furniture is suspended from above, although a Murphy bed, table, sofa and TV all fold out from the smooth floor.

Underwater Room, Manta Resort, Tanzania

Manta Resort

Photo Credit: The Manta Resort

 At the Manta Resort, you can sleep underwater in a room encapsulated within an aquamarine-hued bubble, waking up to watch the reef fish swim.