World’s Greatest Grandpa Creates A Metal Death Star Fire Pit For His Grandchildren


One lucky group of grandkids got quite a surprise this Christmas when their grandpa, an 84-year-old metal worker, delivered an extra special gift to his granddaughter. He used his professional metal making skills to create a Death Star firepit that looks identical to the Death Star II battle station from Star Wars.

His granddaughter is a huge Star Wars fan, so you can only imagine how excited she was when she received her present. It makes all the more special that it was built by the loving hands of her Grandfather.

Almost immediately after sharing the pictures of her present on social media her post went viral.  Check out the awesome metal Death Star fire pit created by one of the world’s greatest grandpas, and see what all the galactic hype is about!


Right after she received her gift, on December 26th, she took to the popular sharing site, Reddit, and submitted pictures. The response has been overwhelming, and the coolest Christmas gift in town quickly turned into one of the coolest gifts of the holiday season all around the world.

The reddit user, Bandia5309, explains that her grandpa always makes great gifts from the heart for his lucky loved ones, and one of his specialties includes metal fire pits. His granddaughter requested that he make her the Star Wars inspired metal fire pit, and he was happy to oblige. Although no one knew just how amazing it would look when he was finished.

Just to catch everyone up to speed, in Star Wars a Death Star was an Imperial military battle station that was comparable in size to the moon. It was fully armed, and included a super laser capable of destroying an entire planet. The fire pit version doesn’t include all of these wild features, but with a little imagination and the warmth of a fire anything is possible!


Death Star II was the second Death Star battle station created by the Galactic Empire. The first Death Star was destroyed by Luke Skywalker at the Battle of Yavin. Under the request of Emperor Palpatine, a second battle station was put under construction, all in hopes of securing his plan to destroy the Rebel Alliance. Ultimately, leaving the entire galaxy in the hands of the Empire. Things didn’t go exactly as planned, but you can watch the movies for yourself and find out what happens next.

The Star Wars series has a HUGE fan following, and it seems once you become a fan of Star Wars, you are forever a fan. The movies alone have generated over 27 billion dollars, and that doesn’t include book sales, video games, apparel, and toys made in honor of Star Wars.

Ever since the lucky little lady posted pictures of her Death Star fire pit made by her grandpa, commenters and fans have been suggesting her grandpa exit out of retirement and start making these awesome fire pits full time. There are plenty of people out there that would LOVE to get their hands on one of these!

You actually can order one of the handmade fire pits, due to all of the requests Grandpa has opened up shop on Etsy. He currently has one Star Wars fire pit offered for sale for $1,600. He is selling his handmade, steel backyard fire pits in 30 or 37 1/2 inches (diameter), your choice. You can contact him with your own ideas for a custom design as well.


This grandpa’s superior metal working skills allow him to create a fire pit that resembles just about anything. If you had the chance to create a dream fire pit, what would you request?

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Photo Credits: Bandia5309