20 Of The World’s Greatest Dads In Pictures


It isn’t always easy to be a great dad, and sometimes the task is more difficult than others. Dads have to be tough as tigers but they also have to remain soft enough to hug.

The one quality all of the world’s best dads have in common: reliability, simply letting their child know through words and actions that they will always be there.

There isn’t just one world’s greatest dad out there; just like beauty, this title is in the eye of the beholder. With the right amount of love, discipline, learning and fun you can be the world’s greatest dad to your children, hands down.

This list is in celebration of all of the world’s greatest dads out there. The fathers doing the very best job they can to be there for their kids, no matter what!

1. This dad uses extreme creativity to pack his daughter the best lunch in school.




Photo Credit: Lunchbox Dad

2. This single dad didn’t know how to braid his daughter’s hair, so he went to Beauty School and learned how to do all kinds of braids!


Photo Credit: Greg Wickherst

Single Dad Goes To Beauty School To Learn How To Do His Daughter’s Hair

3. The value of teamwork: competitive father and son duo enjoy participating in many athletic events together, including marathons.

Team Hoyt

Photo Credit: AP

4. This awesome dad got a tattoo to match his daughter’s ear implant.


Photo Credit: imgur.com

5. Step-father transforms his six-year-old son’s wheelchair into an awesome tank for Halloween.


Photo Credit: Viper20220k

6. This Chinese father carries his disabled son 18 miles to school every day.


Photo Credit: Central European News

7. Dad makes amazingly realistic looking pancakes that both nourish and educate his kids each morning.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this dad is also a science teacher!



Photo Credit: Nathan Shields

8.  Every year, this dad and his son choose a new piece of artwork to be tattooed onto dad’s right arm. Not just any artwork, but a piece of his son’s original work. Dad has been doing this ever since his son was five-years-old.


Photo Credit: chancefaulknerphotography.com

This Dad Has Tattooed His Son’s Drawings Since He was 5 On His Own Arm

9. His daughter has to wear an eye patch, so dad makes the best of it by creating the coolest eye patches in town.




Photo Credit: Gfgrubb

10. Dad slips into a skirt as a show of solidarity with his son in the red dress.


Photo Credit: emma.de

11. These parents never want their daughter to feel different, and so they tattooed her same birthmark on their legs.



Photo Credit: Tanya and Adam Phillips

Awesome Parents Tattoo Their Legs With Daughter’s Birthmark So She Won’t Feel Different

12. Dad doesn’t mind a little red nail polish! He lets his daughter’s paint his toes while he plays video games.


Photo Credit: imgur.com

13. Dad draws cool cartoon characters on his son’s lunch bags every day before school; he’s been doing so for the last two years.




Photo Credit: Brian Dunn

14. When one little girl woke up from surgery she found her teddy bear looking just like her. Go dad!


Photo Credit: imgur.com

15. This dad lets his daughter practice her freshly learned make up skills on him, mascara, eyelash curler and all!


Photo Credit: Seth Mindel

16. World’s greatest dad turned his car into the Batmobile for his son’s birthday. They then cruised around town together pretending to be super heroes, although this dad is already a real-life superhero every day to his son.


Photo Credit: javed saddique

17. To stop his baby’s tantrums, this father has learned playing on the motorcycle works best. (Like father, like son!)


Photo Credit: amamitaf

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