World’s first wingsuit BASE jumping dog


What did you do in 2013?

Whisper, a 4-year-old Australian cattle dog, spent the year flying around Switzerland.

Whisper is the first dog in the world to ever experience base jumping in a wingsuit.

According to Whisper’s owner, Dean Potter, the dog is always down for an adventure.

She has spent plenty of long days and nights exploring the wilderness alongside Potter in the past, and so he knew she was down for almost anything.

Potter describes Whisper as small and attentive,

the perfect best friend to bring along everywhere he goes, from surfing, to rock climbing, and now even free base jumping.

Videos of Whisper flying high above the Alps have gone viral, including scenes that show how she got to the takeoff spot in the first place.

At the start of the video, as you watch Whisper being pulled across the wires wearing a little harness, nothing but miles of air beneath her, you might cringe a bit, is the dog safe?

Does she want to do this?World’s-first-wingsuit-BASE-jumping-dog

But as the footage rolls on, it becomes more and more apparent that Whisper is having a dog-gone great time. At the very end of the video, when the pair finally lands on the ground, Whisper jumps around in excitement as if she’s just had more fun than any other dog in the world—and she just might have!World’s-first-wingsuit-BASE-jumping-dog-1

As for Whisper’s safety, Potter takes extra care to make sure that his dog is well protected throughout every mission. Potter understands the concerns that have circulated over Whisper’s safety, especially because Whisper is doing stunts many people don’t feel comfortable doing.World’s-first-wingsuit-BASE-jumping-dog-2

This is why Potter takes more safety precautions to protect Whisper than any human would take to protect their own life. He told National Geographic that he’s a “gear-geek.” Making gear to keep Whisper safe is his specialty and passion. In fact, he has built a whole collection of doggy flying gear, which Whisper wears with pride throughout the video.World’s-first-wingsuit-BASE-jumping-dog-3

In order to get to the tall peaks the duo jumps from, they must climb across some rugged terrain, and even use special tools to climb across gapped rocks. For all of this, Potter has created an array of gear personalized to fit Whisper’s needs and 22 pound body.World’s-first-wingsuit-BASE-jumping-dog-4

Potter has also created a perfect jump suit for Whisper to wear while in flight, which attaches on the back of Potter’s wingsuit.World’s-first-wingsuit-BASE-jumping-dog-5

When they are not cruising around the Alps of Switzerland, Potter, Whisper and Potter’s girlfriend live together in Yosemite National Park where adventures are an everyday must. Base jumping in wingsuits is not the first wild escapade Potter and Whisper have embarked upon together, Whisper frequently surfs, rock climbs, and loves to hikes as well.World’s-first-wingsuit-BASE-jumping-dog-7

Although easy-going, Whisper only likes to fly au-natural; airplanes and helicopters are not for her, as she doesn’t appreciate the ultra loud noises they make.World’s-first-wingsuit-BASE-jumping-dog-8

According to Whisper, base jumping is far better than traditional means of air travel. Potter shares with fans on his blog that whenever he busts out his wingsuit his little dog is right there, waiting for her invitation to come along. It’s obvious that Whisper does love to fly, just look at her face in those doggy goggles as the pair zooms down from the towering mountains above, a smile clearly visible on her cute canine face!World’s-first-wingsuit-BASE-jumping-dog-9

There must be something about Australian cattle dogs, because Whisper isn’t the only one of her breed to fly through the sky. Shadow is a service dog that has also made headlines for soaring; only his preference is hang gliding.World’s-first-wingsuit-BASE-jumping-dog-10

Just last month Potter traveled to Telluride for the world-premier screening of When Dogs Fly, a film about Whisper’s adventures flying high above the Alps. World’s-first-wingsuit-BASE-jumping-dog-11