Wood And Metal Unite In Striking Furniture By Hilla Shamia


Israeli artist and product designer Hilla Shamia was only meaning to create a piece of furniture for her degree in industrial design when she first produced a stunning aluminum and wooden piece of work.

But today, her beautiful one-of-a-kind products have managed to propel her from academia into the real world, and it’s easy to see why.

Using a very unique method, Shamia creates magnificent furniture crafted from both aluminum and wood, always resulting in a stunning finished piece.



Creating the furniture is a labor-intensive task that can last up to two weeks. Hot molten aluminum is poured onto logs of raw wood, like cypress and eucalyptus. The molten aluminum burns the surface of the wooden log, producing a charred black layer of carbon that creates a striking boundary between the steely cool silver of the aluminum and the natural color and texture of the wood.



The planks are then cut lengthwise and inserted into a frame that determines its final structure, which can range from a night stand to a chair. The casting process involves high heat, flames, and smoke. When the metal finally cools down, the mold breaks apart, revealing the furniture and its striking contrast of metal and wood.


The resulting furniture showcases its process of creation and the materials used. It also allows one to observe the leakage of the aluminum into the carbonized wood, frozen in time, similar to what can happen in nature when trees and branches fall and meld into the forest floor to become part of the natural process around them.



Because the aluminum is molten, it runs into each and every nook and crevice of the wood, creating both a strong bond and a stunning appearance.


The final product is always unique, no two pieces are ever identical. This randomness in appearance certainly adds to the furniture’s aesthetic appeal.