Fifteen of the world’s most gorgeous winter landscapes

Wyoming Apocalypse Photo Credit- Aaron S Bedell

With the falling snow, frozen lakes and hazy mornings, winter gives an absolutely opposite character to landscapes which might otherwise be colorful, lively and upbeat during the summers. There are those who find winters gloomy and depressing, but then there are those who look for joys in the snow and absolutely stunning scenery that the roads, parks, lakes and mountains become.

Here we present you fifteen of the world’s most gorgeous winter landscapes from our collection. These photographers have given a new meaning and a new perspective to otherwise monochromatic winter landscapes.

1. Rural Winter Landscape 

Rural Winter Landscape Photo Credit- elena ElisseevaPhoto Credit- Elena Elisseeva

Winter landscape with a row of tall trees at sunset. Rural Ontario, Canada.

2. Holiday Moon 

Holiday Moon Photo Credit- Michael BlanchettePhoto Credit- Michael Blanchette

Nubble Light stands about 100 yards from the tip of Cape Neddick Point near York Beach, Maine. Between Thanksgiving and New Year,  holiday lights cover the structures on Nubble Island, creating much photogenic appeal.

3. Winter Mountains 

Winter Mountains Photo Credit- Elena ElisseevaPhoto Credit- Elena Elisseeva

Scenic winter mountain landscape in Canadian Rockies

4. Green River Snow 

Green River Snow Photo Credit- Chad DutsonPhoto Credit- Chad Dutson

Edge of the cliffs at Green River Overlook

5. Carved By The Wind 

Carved By The Wind Photo Credit- Dan JurakPhoto Credit- Dan Jurak

Snow drifts sculpted by the wind on the Alberta prairie.

6. Snowy New England Forest

Snowy New England Forest Photo Credit- Diane DiederichPhoto Credit- Diane Diederich

The first snow fall of the season in a forest in Connecticut, USA

7. Winter Magic In Niagara 

Winter Magic In Niagara Photo Credit- Magda BognarPhoto Credit- Magda Bognar

8. Winter Dawn At Arches National Park 

Winter Dawn At Arches National Park Photo Credit- Utah ImagesPhoto Credit- Utah Images

Early morning light on Skyline Arch in Arches National Park located in southern Utah USA

9. Mt. Hood Morning 

MtPhoto Credit- Mike Dawson

Mt. Hood with the White River flowing down in front on a cold January day.

10. End Of The Dock 

End Of The Dock Photo Credit- Dustin K RyanPhoto Credit- Dustin K Ryan

A man stands at the end of a snow covered dock on Lake Tahoe Spring 2011

11. Seljalandsfoss Sunset 

Seljalandsfoss Sunset Photo Credit- TraumlichtfabrikPhoto Credit- Traumlichtfabrik

Waterfall of river Seljalandsa, Iceland.

12. Wyoming Apocalypse 

Wyoming Apocalypse Photo Credit- Aaron S BedellPhoto Credit- Aaron S Bedell

Taken in Laramie, Wyoming at sunset.

13. Dream Lake Dimples 

Dream Lake Dimples Photo Credit- Darren WhitePhoto Credit- Darren White

Dream Lake, Rocky Mountain National Park, Northern Colorado. The wind at Dream Lake causes the water to freeze almost while still in motion which causes these dimples in the frozen lake.

14. Reflected Aurora Over A Frozen Laksa 

Reflected Aurora Over A Frozen Laksa Photo Credit- Arild HeitmannPhoto Credit- Arild Heitmann

Reflected aurora over a frozen Laksa Lake, Nordland, Norway.

15. Overlooking Alps 

Overlooking Alps Photo Credit- Ellen van BodegomPhoto Credit- Ellen van Bodegom

View of Mont Blanc massif in French Alps, with alpine climbers in snow, France.