Wild Bear Tries To Enter House Before Being Scared Off By This Fierce House Cat


Cats are adorable, sweet and cuddly but they can also be scary little suckers when they want to be. Just ask this wild bear that was scared off by a house cat less than half his size. The viral video has gained over 4 million views on YouTube because it is downright hilarious, and proves what cat-owners have always known… a guard cat can be just as handy as a guard dog!

The curious bear was investigating a house near Anchorage, Alaska when he climbed up onto the family’s front porch. All was going well until he started inspecting the front door for a way in. Who knows what might have happened if the family’s Savannah cat wasn’t standing on guard.

At first the cat sneakily scopes out the situation, crouching down low and simply watching the bear. But when the bear seems all too interested in the front door the cat decides to act out. In order to get the bear away from their territory the cat leaps up at the glass in defense, showing fierce feline fighting power strong enough to scare off a bear.

To everyone’s surprise… it worked! The bear jumps back and takes off. I guess even bears know not to mess with cats.

Photo Credits: YouTube

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