Here Is What Your Cat Really Thinks


Cats are mysterious little creatures that creep around your house with a world of unknown thoughts. They purr when you pet them and then without any warning they hiss and attack, like what the heck?! If you have ever wondered what is going in your cat’s little mind Catsass is here to give you the 411 on what your cat really thinks.

The brain behind Catsass writes about her evil cat character, “Born in my crazy cat lady’s mind, this character says everything we’re too shy or polite to express. Yes, I do have a cat in real life, and no, he’s not as horrible as this one.”

Hopefully your cat isn’t this horrible either, but there’s a dose of truth in every hilarious comic created by Catsass.

Your Cat Thinks You’re Creepy

You think you’re being nice, but really your just confirming what your cat already knows: they rule the house… and you.


No, I Did Not Miss You At All


Are You Ever Going To Get A Dog And Leave Me Alone?


How About I Let You Out, And You Stay Out?


Don’t Tell Me What To Do


Flowers and cats are not a good mix… I literally woke up this morning to barf all over my white down comforter because my cat can’t resist eating fresh flowers any chance he can get.

Whatever, It’s My Sofa Anyway


I Am Not A Cutie Pie, I Am A Cat


Dreams Of Being A Dragon


Get Out Of My Face Your Breath Smells Horrible


Oh, Please Love Is Overrated


Let Me Have It Now, I Already Had Some Earlier


You Don’t Know Anything About Lucky…


Don’t Close Doors–How Rude!


Seriously, cats have no interest in entering a room until the door is closed.

Okay Fine, So I Guess I Like You A Little…


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