Werewolf Muzzle For Walking Your Dog In The Woods


You never have to be afraid to walk your dog at night again thanks to this menacing werewolf muzzle. No matter how little or overly friendly your pup may be, no dog looks tame wearing this scary muzzle.

The Russian-designed dog muzzle is made to allow your dog to still slightly open his or her mouth so that they can pant. It is made of non-toxic plastic and nylon and sells for around $30 USD.

You might think dog muzzles are cruel but in some countries it is against the law to take dogs out in public without a muzzle.

If you’re on a walk with your dog and someone tries to harm you, your dog is going to do anything to try and protect you. Why take the chance anyone bothers you at all? Keep everyone running the other way with this werewolf muzzle.


Photo Credits: zveryatam.ru

Use this mask to responsibly frighten people off, you don’t want anyone thinking your sweet and innocent dog is actually a bloody teeth-baring werewolf monster… that might not end well.

russian-werewolf-dog-muzzle-3Photo Credit: Alexey Kurulyov


Photo Credits: zveryatam.ru

russian-werewolf-dog-muzzle-5Photo Credits: Alexey Kurulyov

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