Talented Artist Creates Watercolor Superheroes With Big Splashes


Two years ago talented French illustrator and designer Clementine (Blule) challenged herself to complete one new watercolor painting every single day. The mother of 2 stuck true to her mission and is now gaining popularity for her awesome work, especially her watercolor superheroes.

Clementine operates under the name Blule, this is her brand for everything illustration. She writes on her website, “It’s kind of my superhero mask.” It is also a full-fledged design studio/shop located in Sydney.

The mother of 2 writes on Bored Panda, “Sometimes, you need to kick yourself in the butt. That’s why, some two years ago, I challenged myself to paint a new picture every day, and share it with the world for free. Challenge accepted! Today, I have published more than 500 paintings, my very own way of spreading happiness, with big splashes of color and happy shapes.”

Finding the time to create one watercolor creation everyday is difficult enough, but finding the inspiration for such consistent work is perhaps a greater challenge. Clementine describes her inspiration as, “things that either moves me or excite me, or just blow me away. POP culture from the 80’s, movie characters, strong independent women (the real heroes), France where I’m from, or Bondi and Australia, where I live.”

Oh and if you haven’t already guessed… “I have a thing for Super Heroes too.”

blule-colourupyourday-416__880Clementine works mostly with watercolor because it is fast and spontaneous, just like her. “Sometimes paintings seem like they are moving on their own, alive, like clouds in the sky. Shapes can appear from a part you didn’t control, letting your imagination do the work, like a Rorschach test.”

Not-just-Supers.-I-create-a-new-watercolour-everyday-for-2-years-more-than-500...-and-counting__880She has worked on some pretty big projects in the past, including as an Industrial Designer for Fila™, L’Oréal™, as well as other brands. You can learn more about the artist, see collections of her work and even hire Blule through her website.

Not-just-Supers.-I-create-a-new-watercolour-everyday-for-2-years-more-than-500...-and-counting6__880Not-just-Supers.-I-create-a-new-watercolour-everyday-for-2-years-more-than-500...-and-counting4__880Not-just-Supers.-I-create-a-new-watercolour-everyday-for-2-years-more-than-500...-and-counting15__880Not-just-Supers.-I-create-a-new-watercolour-everyday-for-2-years-more-than-500...-and-counting13__880Not-just-Supers.-I-create-a-new-watercolour-everyday-for-2-years-more-than-500...-and-counting8__880Not-just-Supers.-I-create-a-new-watercolour-everyday-for-2-years-more-than-500...-and-counting5__880Not-just-Supers.-I-create-a-new-watercolour-everyday-for-2-years-more-than-500...-and-counting1__880Not-just-Supers.-I-create-a-new-watercolour-everyday-for-2-years-more-than-500...-and-counting14__880blule-colourupyourday-446__880Buy affordable superhero art prints here.

Not-just-Supers.-I-create-a-new-watercolour-everyday-for-2-years-more-than-500...-and-counting7__880Not-just-Supers.-I-create-a-new-watercolour-everyday-for-2-years-more-than-500...-and-counting12__880Not-just-Supers.-I-create-a-new-watercolour-everyday-for-2-years-more-than-500...-and-counting11__880Watercolour-Illustration__880Not-just-Supers.-I-create-a-new-watercolour-everyday-for-2-years-more-than-500...-and-counting9__880Photo Credits: blule.fr

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