Watch What Happens When a Pet Store Switches Out Animals for Shelter Pets

puppies shelter

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

A pet store in Brazil had a brilliant idea we can only hope others throughout the world will consider trying. Associacao Quatro Patinhas, which translates into Association Four Paws, swapped dogs available for sale in a pet store with unwanted dogs that were rescued from the streets and living in an animal shelter.

The experiment was staged to change people’s perceptions of shelter pets and prove that they’re as loving and deserving of a home as any other dog and in fact, in more need of a home.  They wanted to see what would happen if they put the pets from the animal shelter in place of their regular animals for sale. They wondered if making them seem like pricey pets for sale would help more shelter pets find homes.

What do you think happened? You can find out here:

As you can see, customers came into the store as they usually did. While some just wanted to look at the animals, others were hoping to take one home. After quickly falling in love, they were surprised when they went to the register to pay that their money wasn’t accepted. The animals that might never have had a chance, instead found a new home – and their owners got to enjoy their unconditional love, while saving some cash too.