Wally The Bunny Is Famous For His Ears That Look Like Angel Wings


Meet Wally the most famous bunny living in Massachusetts, USA. This English Angora rabbit has ears that seriously look like the wings of an angel thanks to his on-point haircut. His ears are so incredible he has quickly become quite a sensation on Instagram along with his owner Molly, who has some pretty clever captions for her furry little ball of joy. Born in July of 2014, Wally and his owner Molly are both Cancers.

Angora rabbits are known for their soft, long wool; in fact, their wool is said to be softer than cashmere. This breed is considered among the oldest types of domestic rabbits, originally bred in Ankara, present day Turkey. Angora rabbits gained popularity in 18th century France, and are still popular today thanks to a cuddly appearance that makes them look like a teddy bear.

In a fairly short time Wally the bunny has earned over 116,000 followers, and for good reason he’s SOOOO cute!! Looking through Wally’s Instagram account (wally_and_molly) is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.

haircut-rabbit-angora-wally-13Molly captioned this photo on Instagram, “Surprise! Look what popped up from the wheelbarrow! ‘I’m a Wally Weed!’”haircut-rabbit-angora-wally-8Wally clearly enjoys spending time out in the garden, where you are sure to find him eating plenty of lettuce and other green goodness.

haircut-rabbit-angora-wally-23haircut-rabbit-angora-wally-32Wally even has some awesome accessories, like this butterfly clip to accentuate his ears.

haircut-rabbit-angora-wally-15Just in case you happen to stumble upon the site www.wallyandmolly.com, you should know this is NOT Wally’s site or affiliated with the real Wally in any way whatsoever. Molly asks you to please not support this site trying to bite off of Wally’s fame.

haircut-rabbit-angora-wally-6Molly says of her dear friend Wally the bunny, “He’s a beautiful little creature and a wonderful pet.”

haircut-rabbit-angora-wally-5“Wally says, ‘I’m not trying to scare anyone. But this is what I look like when I yawn. And I want to be honest about that.’”

wallythebunnyHe may be cute but he’s known to bring a little dirt inside now and again…

haircut-rabbit-angora-wally-17haircut-rabbit-angora-wally-14haircut-rabbit-angora-wally-9There’s Molly!haircut-rabbit-angora-wally-28Don’t forget to follow Wally on Instagram!

Photo Credits: Instagram

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