See How These Volunteer Pilots Save Shelter Dogs From Euthanasia


Animal shelters located in parts of the US are overflowing with adoptable dogs seeking a good home, while other regions have very few pets in local shelters. In regions with overcrowded shelters many great family dogs are put to sleep, simply because the shelter can’t keep up with the number of dogs coming in off the streets each day.

If only there were some way to redistribute the pup population… but there is! Meet Wings Of Rescue, an awesome organization on a mission to save shelter dogs one flight at a time.

Volunteer pilots with planes donate their time to transport dogs living in overcrowded shelters and relocate them to shelters in other parts of the nation that are in need of more adoptable dogs. Dogs are often flown off to a new shelter within hours of being euthanized, and many are adopted almost immediately after landing.


The nonprofit organization based out of Van Nuys, California originated in 2009 and has since saved over 12,000 dogs from being euthanized. There are many high-kill shelters located in California and so the need for this type of organization is huge.

The president and co-founder of the organization, Yehuda Netanel, told the Los Angeles Daily News, “We either do it or the dogs die, so the choice is clear.”


Wings Of Rescue started out with only one pilot and has since grown considerably in volunteer pilots and donations, allowing them to save more and more dogs. This year alone they expect to save as many as 7,000 dogs; this is over 50% the number of dogs they’ve been able to save in a total of 6 years.


The organization flies the dogs using private and charter planes, and each flight cost around $80 per dog. No one is paid salary; the entire operation works thanks to kind-hearted volunteers and generous donations. You can help contribute to the pawsome cause through the Wings Of Rescue website.












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