This Viking Conference Table Will Turn Your Meeting Into A Viking Raiding Party


What does the furniture in your office boardroom look like? Likely it consists of a pretty wood table, and some plain matching chairs. But to quote Michelle Branch, “Who wants to be ordinary in a crazy mixed up world?”

Clearly the South African design team known as Wildetecture does not want to be ordinary. The team makes some pretty wild custom made furniture for offices. One of their more recent designs, known as the Viking Conference Table, is sure to make any office a little more fun to work at!

Instead of the typical comfy chairs that beg workers to stay in endless meetings all day, Wildetecture’s Viking conference table is more of a visual piece than a place you want to spend your day. Can you imagine how uncomfortable those seats would quickly become?


Wildecture offers a wide range of services including, architectural design, custom furniture pieces, interior design, exhibition and stage design, as well as rendering and animation services. There are 3 different wildetects that make up the progressive team, Warren Hoffman, Dean Hoffman, and Quinton J Damstra. All 3 of these talented men combine their unique skills to create truly personalized furnishings and more.

First the 3 wildetects meet with their clients to learn more about their business, wants, and style. They then take this information and create 3 different designs, one by each wildetect. These designs are then brought forth to the client, at which point the client can decide upon their favorite. The team admits clients typically want a little bit of something from all of the different designs, hence why together they create something so much spectacular than they ever could on their own.


This Viking table was created while working on collaborating ideas for a Scotland company, Ocean Kinetics. Since Scotland has a vast history of Viking heritage, the designers decided to create 3 different furniture designs, all with Viking style in mind, for the company to pick from.

The Viking-style ship sure looks cool, but easily noted those chairs do NOT look fun to hang out in. Therefore, it’s not much of a surprise that the company chose the table pictured below instead. This was one of their other design options, and still sticks true to the Viking theme.


Although this custom Viking table isn’t as intense–it’s lacking wooden carved dragons, swooped chairs, and the sweet curves of a ship, it is still one unique workroom table for meetings.

As early as the 8th century (793) the Vikings came to Scotland, raiding locals for any shred of valuables. By the 9th century the Vikings had permanently settled in Scotland, there to raid and make a home. Interestingly, the Vikings settled much quicker in Scotland and Ireland than they did in England. Because of their large presence in Scotland, there is a lot of cultural history in the area pertaining to Vikings. It was this history that gave Wildetecture the idea to design a Vikings inspired table for their Scottish clients.


The Wildetecture official site reads, “The Wildetects main objective is to create designs that are not static, but designs that are daring and unashamedly vibrant and bold – capturing the blur, representing movement in the comic strip. Designs that appear to be moving and changing to the naked eye. Design that appears to be something else from afar.”

The group of designers truly knows how to craft one of a kind pieces. As if the Vikings table isn’t enough to blow the socks off your office boardroom, you could always add this Wildetecture Praying Mantis chair to the mix.


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