Vigilante Woman On A Motorcycle Chases Down Littering Drivers And Returns Their Trash


This lady is on a mission to stop people from littering–how she operates is pure genius!

When the video starts out, you see the front of a motorbike and a woman sitting in a red car. You then see the woman driving the car carelessly drop litter out of her window. Little does she know, the litter police is watching.

The motorcycle starts to head towards the car. The camera worn by the motorcycle rider points into the nearby trash where a metal tin of cigarette butts and ashes make the perfect tool for revenge. The woman on the motorcycle acts fast, taking the ashtray and dumping it right inside the litterer’s car, into her lap to be exact. In complete shock, the liter-bug turns to see the woman responsible speeding off on a motorcycle.


She should have thought twice before throwing her trash out the window, but she didn’t know the litter police was on her tail!


Before you start feeling bad for these litterers, know that littering costs over a billion dollars each year just to clean up. And if you care about your friends out in the ocean, know that 1.9 billion tons of litter ends up in their home each year. Litter is just one of the many reasons that marine life is dwindling due to humans.

Plus, cigarette butts make up 50% of all litter–how yuck is that?! We don’t want to be the cancer on earth, so it’s time we start treating our home sweet home in a way that insures it survives.


Meet the vigilant litter police currently going viral on the web. This brave bike rider chases after people that litter and dumps their trash right back into their car, usually on their lap. It might seem like a harsh punishment but people need to learn not to litter! It’s disgusting, and also bad for our planet in so many ways.

Littering happens all over the world, in both developing countries and first world countries. In fact, 75% of people have admitted to littering at least once in the past 5 years. You may not think it matters to litter once and a while, but when everyone adopts this mentality, trash ends up everywhere. Every year, U.S. Roadways are dumped with over 51 billion pieces of trash.


One of the most common pieces of litter is from fast food packaging and leftovers. Case and point, the litter police caught this man fleeing McDonalds, and dumping his trash out the window on his way out–despite the fact a trash can was only a few feet away.

8% of men claim that they litter everyday, while 2% of women claim the same. Everyday?!! Come on people, who do you think is cleaning up after you? Those most likely to litter are between the ages 18 and 34.

The exact extent of this woman’s mission is unknown, but if this video is as real as it looks she’s obviously incredibly brave. If she dumps litter on the wrong person this could end really badly. Although her quick motorcycle skills just might be able to get her away unharmed… like a true superhero, one fighting for the good of Planet Earth!


You almost catch a glimpse of the brave trash-patrol here and there, and you can hear her voice sometimes as she speaks at the littering motorists. But just like any good superhero, her real identity remains unknown…!

You never know who is watching, planning to give you your trash right back. So next time you even THINK about littering, you might want to find a local trashcan instead. Chances are more and more litter police might pop up in a town near you!

Watch the full video here: